Gifts for Tech Savvy

It is hard being a techie and it is harder being a friend to one. They talk endlessly about their gadgets and nothing pleases them more. Gifts for techie people is an area deeply explored by Geekmonkey because the team mostly comprises of people who love to call themselves geeky and nerdy. If you want a pleasant evening with them, just do not ask them why the elevator is not running or why the mixer is making too much noise. Just quietly be in the moment. Also, if you have never encountered a techie in your life, go watch Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and when you see Dushyant – that’s what a tech geek looks like 🙂

These geeks explore gifts inside out ( literally) and experiment with everything they see. We recommend staying in touch with all those techies out there because who else are you going to run to, when you have to make a school project for your kid ? The techies obviously !