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Exploring Hampi: The Mythological City

Exploring Hampi: The Mythological City Karnataka is home to Hampi, a historical and mythological city. Hampi is about 365 kilometers from Bengaluru and 380 kilometers from Hyderabad. As a result, the location is conveniently accessible from both Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The closest town is Hospet. As a result, this city can be a perfect weekend […]

Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips

Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips Everyone loves to celebrate a color-drenched Holi whether it is with their friends or family. A fun and frolic time begins with white-colored clothes and ends up with loads of Holi colors which creates havoc among the people. As the day after Holi isn’t an off from office day, […]

Habits of a Well-Groomed Man

Habits of a Well-Groomed Man You can tell when you see a well-groomed man. And more than that, you can instantly tell a lot about his character and personality as well. Although we do not mean that each and every well-groomed man will also be well-mannered but the chances are quite high. But what really […]

Plan An Experience For Loved Ones

Uplifting people when they are at their lowest is the biggest achievement you can gather. Be it a human loss, interview rejection, or even heartbreaks, everything counts when it comes to standing upfront with people. Since it is easier to celebrate when everything is going fine, walking the hard part can be challenging at times […]

Where Can You Surf In India?

India’s enormous ocean-facing coastline of several miles is easily action-packed and accessible. Surf through the coastline’s legendary waves, which tend to attract surfing newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. However, if you are a novice surfer, begin a short surfing course at any of the coasts of the country. Post that, head out to several other […]

Plan A Surprise For Your Parents

Buying gifts for your loved ones is one thing to think about but thinking about your parents, after all, is something incomparable. Parents are a set of people who have long been associated with your growth and development. Throughout these years, they have sacrificed their best moments of life only for you to grow and […]

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The Biggest Hair Trends of 2021

The Biggest Hair Trends of 2021 While 2020 saw some of the most eccentric and unusual quarantine haircuts, people are ready to give themselves a hair makeover this year. Going bald, putting rainbow dyes, and other impulsive decisions that got us some hair fails and even some incredible results. But this year, let us head […]

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Importance of Valentine’s Day

Importance of Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated all across the globe but people rarely know the importance of this festival. This article talks about the history of Valentine’s Day and the traditions surrounding it. Also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, this day gets its name from a Christian martyr Saint Valentine. This day […]

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Nutrition: Tips for Your Health

Nutrition: Tips for Your Health With this pandemic, eating healthy and nutritious food is an important part of your healthy life. There are no specific food items that help to boost your energy level instantly. One should consume food items that contain nutrition and boost your immune system. There are a lot of ways to […]

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Gifting Etiquettes in India

Gifting Etiquettes in India The culture of gifting is as historic and significant as it could get. Whether it is for social acceptance or religious importance, gifting plays a major role. And why not, everyone likes a box wrapped in colourful paper. The mystery behind that present and the excitement adds up to the overall […]

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9 Honey Related Myths Debunked

9 Honey Related Myths Debunked In all our homes, a jar of honey is a staple and is considered to have tremendous health benefits. Up until the 20th century, it was used as a traditional medicine to combat infections. It is a natural antioxidant and contains properties that make it suitable for medicinal purposes, antibacterial […]

Quirky gifts for quirky ones

Quirky gifts have always left a significant amount of stir in people’s minds and behavior. But, have you ever thought about how can it make a difference when it comes to making someone happy and full of joy. Well, if you think about gifting your niece, traveler friend, relative, or any other cousin, you will […]

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How Sleep Affects Mental Health

How Sleep Affects Mental Health Sleeping is an essential daily activity that potentially can impact your mental health. There is a close relation between insomnia and the risks of severe depression. Similarly, disrupted sleep can lead to several mental disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, anxiety, and many more. The correlation of […]

Why Do People Get Depressed?

Why Do People Get Depressed? People of every age, economic situation, and even race are affected by depression. While depression is normal, some individuals get depressed, especially adolescents, but others do not. About why? Many factors affect when a person gets depressed. Biology, stuff like our genes, brain chemistry, and hormones, are some of them. […]


7 Must-Visit Places in Australia

7 Must-Visit Places in Australia Australia is a dream-like land. The Land Down Under deserves all the hype. From the sacred stories of the Aboriginal Dreamtime to the great spirits conjured coral reefs. From the rainforests to the scorched red deserts. Everything here describes it as a dream destination. Australia is the world’s smallest continent […]


Why Are Honeymoons Important?

Why Are Honeymoons Important? You might be wondering if going on a honeymoon is worth the extra cost, after spending your life savings on bachelor and bachelorette parties, a wedding venue, a dress, and everything else. Anyhow, what is a honeymoon really for? History reveals that since the 5th century, people have been going on […]