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7 unique and interesting Father’s Day gifts from Geekmonkey that Dad is sure to love

What’s constant in the world?….perhaps nothing except the eternal love that you share with your parents. A light always guided you, a belief always pushed you beyond your cognizance and a soft hand held yours whenever you stumbled. God bestowed you with Dad, a true form of blessing in disguise, the mere presence of whom […]

Gifts for all your Boozehound Friends

Gifts for all your Boozehound Friends

Gifts for all your Boozehound Friends Everyone has friends who are absolute boozehounds, who appreciate alcohol in all shapes and sizes. Though the simplest gift for such friends is a bottle of their favorite drink, special occasions call for you to move away from the regular gifts and send something thoughtful. Keeping your best friend’s […]

Funky Gift Wrap Ideas using Brown Paper Sheets

Most times, gift wraps bring in an element of surprise and excitement. A beautifully wrapped gift also shows that you care. Gift wrapping does not always require fancy papers and stationary and even the basic brown paper can do wonders if you put some thought into it. In fact, brown paper is light on your […]