Unique Gifts For Girls/Women

Gifting is such a refreshing activity that it thrills the receiver and promises excitement to the giver; it is an expression of love and gratification and is intended to consolidate relationships. And if your expression is directed towards the graceful gender in your life, the embodiment of endurance & courage and the provider of life; mother or wife or sister or daughter, the occasion is a celebration itself. After all, you give the one who has unconditionally pledged to support and love you for life. The list of unique gifts for girls/women will surely give you a wonderful time and experience. 

In India, relationships are celebrated more than festivals, as they play a central role in building stronger bonds. They also play an integral part in human existence. And what is a celebration without gifts, especially for her? Gift giving may seem simple, but make no mistake, think out a memento intelligently which complements the receiver, is meaningful, and conveys your feelings and affection fittingly. Relatable presents are more convincing. If you find it difficult, make it easy, say it with a gift. Remember, where words fail, gifts speak.

We at Geek Monkey are committed to providing you with gifting options that best suit your requirement, budget, and relationship. We endeavor to develop and deliver your items for all ages and occasions. Create an impression with our unique range for her. Choose from our unlimited range for birthdays, relationship proposals, marriage anniversaries, new arrivals, and festivals, or express your gratitude towards your loved ones. You think it; we have it. Below is a highlight of some of our prized offerings to cheer up your remarkable woman.

Customized String Art in India

Customized string art, as the name suggests, Customized string art is indeed an artistic interpretation. Express your emotions or convey your message to your unique soul through this creative and colorful present. Imagine a personalized design or message, convey it to us with the order, and your idea will be converted suitably on a wooden board with nails and thread. There is no better way to speak out your emotions than through a personalized artwork pattern of your choice.

You just need to place an order along with your desired message or idea, and we will get back to you with a mechanical design for your approval within a working day. Since it’s entirely made by hand, please give us 20-25 days to deliver it to you. We assure you that your wait will be worth it. String art is one of the best unique gifts for girls/women.

Candidly Classy Real Flower Earrings

There can never be a better language than nature. Speak out your love to your woman with this unique pair of earrings having real flowers dried and implanted in them. The stud earrings showcase nature in a distinctively vivid style as never seen before, facilitated beautifully with an exquisite ornamental touch. Geek Monkey is proud to offer you a combination of both love and nature for your loved soul.

The candid and quirky article makes for an ideal option for birthdays, Raksha Bandhan, anniversaries, or any occasion that comes to mind. Hurry and order now because your expression should not be in the waiting. 

Crescent Moon Throw Pillow | Neck Pillow

No one can deny the symbolism of a crescent moon, love, and companionship, just like the women in our life. Everyone loves the moon because we have grown up with its presence in stories and reality. It is a true friend that guides us through the darkness.

Similarly, our moon neck pillow offers you the luxury of a faithful companion in tiresome times; for a power nap while working tirelessly at your desk, and while traveling, it also works as your neck support for a resting solace. The crescent moon design pillow with a star attached to one of its ends makes for a comfortable accessory due to its soft finish and quality material. The moon throw pillow is one of the best unique gifts for girls/women. So, what are you waiting for, guys? Bring it home today.

It is indeed a caring gift for the caretakers of your life, your family members, or your friends.

Rose Vase Umbrella

When it comes to using an umbrella, only rain crosses our mind, one thing is essential. And that is not realizing that equal protection is required from the scorching sunshine of the winters. But carrying an umbrella is an undesired activity. And, that is simply because it is either an inconvenience due to its large size or the smaller ones serving no purpose of protection. This concern of our valued customers motivated us to develop and offer you in mid-size an elegantly designed portable protection, the Rose Vase Umbrella.

As the name suggests, the unusual & foldable umbrella comes with a handle depicting a rose and a waterproof case having a vase design. When the umbrella is folded and put inside, it looks like a rose in a vase. Carry it with ease and flaunt it at will. It surely makes for a wonderful gift for the ladies of your house.

In the end, it is not only about unique gifts for girls/women. But, it is also about the feelings and emotions behind giving such a present. So, if you are thinking about how you would assist these gifts, do not fret a bit. All you have to do is watch some videos or order some lip-smacking food from Swiggy, and you are good to go. What are you thinking about now? Go ahead and make it unique. It is time for you to go about and make the festive season a worthwhile experience for every girl and woman around you. These gifts are going to make their lives an inch extra special. Do not think much about selecting a gift from our website.