Best wedding gifts for newlyweds

Wedding, defined as a culturally recognized union of two people, or a legal contract between two individuals. Who cares. It is simply an occasion to enjoy with family and friends, an occasion to cherish for life. To put it in simple words, marriage time is a celebration time. An occasion where attendance is mandatory and showering of blessings and gifts is customary. It doesn’t matter your relationship with the couple, all that matters is your presence and display of love and affection. And what better way to show it, the gift’s way. A wedding is a time when the tradition of gifts comes to life, where it becomes important to get the best wedding gifts for newlyweds.

Choosing a wedding gift for the occasion could also be confusing and demanding. But not anymore. Choose from a wide range of gifts for the occasion or exclusively for the couple only at Geek Monkey. We offer a range, which is occasion specific and pocket friendly as well.

Just go to, select from our wide range of wedding gifts, and place your order. It’s that simple shopping with us.

1. MeMini Me – 3D Custom Clone Dolls

A very innovative and very distinctive piece of artwork, Yes we are talking about the MeMiniMe-3D custom clone doll. It is an ideal wedding gift for that very special moment. And if it’s a wedding occasion, this memento takes the cake. The bride and the groom will be brought to life in a very loving and animated form. Surprise all with this gift. Surprise the couple with their adorable and cute version of themselves. 

Truly, this handmade item will not only be remembered for life but will also be treasured amongst generations as one of the best wedding gifts for newlyweds. When you gift a couple a replica of themselves, what better way to show your love and affection towards them. It’s like gifting them, themselves. 

2. Dual Hanging Reindeer Wall Clock

Rein-deer wall clock, simply exquisite. There is no other word to describe its elegance and beauty. It is truly an item to own, an item to gift to someone close to your heart. And if it is your buddy’s wedding, there is nothing else to beat this memento. Exhibiting beauty and class in every sense, this clock is a much sought-after gift article for other occasions as well. Gift it on a wedding, on anniversaries, on birthdays, whatever the reason, it will always be a reason for you to be in your loved one’s heart and mind.

This designer wall clock adorns every wall, uplifts the beauty of the room. The out of the box exotic design makes it an object of desire by one and all. And it sings as well. 

3. Magic Glow in Dark Bedsheet

Ever wondered how a bedroom should look like, especially of a newly wedded couple. It should be warm yet erotic, vibrant yet pretty. It is a challenging task to adorn a room for the occasion. Geek Monkey brings to you, Magic Glow Bedsheet to decorate the couple’s bedroom. Unlike other gift items for a bedroom, this neon glow bed sheet provides an ambiance for the couple to feel the warmth and togetherness. The moment lights are turned off and the bed sheet lights up, a serene environment is created for the couple. Isn’t this one of the best wedding gifts for newlyweds?

The right combination of light in a dark background is not only a mood changer but will also change the way bedrooms should look. This might be out of bounds, but if someone you know has kids, go ahead and furnish their rooms with this magic glow bed sheet. 

4. Customized String Art in India

String art, also called magic on wood with colorful strings to creates a personalized design. It can also be characterized as an arrangement of colorful threads to form a pattern of your choice. Choices could range from various geometric designs to nameplates to ships and structures to photo-realistic artwork.

It is a poetic description of your thoughts through colorful threads. Just give us an image or your idea and we will convert it into colorful poetry. Adorn it on the wall, display it in your office, and flaunt it.

You can customize it as per your requirement. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your order with us. It will take a minimum of 15 days to deliver your poetry. Handcrafted, you see. If you do not know what to gift your friend, you can also check other gifts for him.

5. Kitchen Clock | Pan Wall Clock – Kitchen Decor

Home is where the kitchen is. Interestingly it is also considered as the best place to be in a house. A place that satiates your food desires. A kitchen can also be the best route to a husband’s heart and the best companion for a newly-wed bride.

To make your best place even better, Geek Monkey brings to you a grandiose delight, Frying Pan Shaped Wall Clock for your kitchen, which falls under the category of best wedding gifts for newlyweds. The artistry in converting a frying pan into a wall clock with the help of a fork and a knife as the hands of the clock are simple yet elegant. It is not only relatable but also enhances the beauty of the kitchen. A must-buy for every kitchen. Choose between black, red, or white color. Grab this wedding gift before the stock runs out. To make it more exciting for the couple, post-wedding, book their movie tickets and do not let them know. Make it a happening surprise. So, what are you waiting for? Get along with the idea of making the most of it. And, then you are good to go. All you have to do is gear up the dice and the ball will be in your court.