Try These Unique Gifts

Unique gifts are a blessing in disguise. Whenever we think of making someone’s day special, we often come across or think of buying a unique gift that would put a smile on that person’s face. However, we tend to get confused with so many options available. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, special days, or any other day, gifts, presents, and surprises happen to leave quite a mark on people. If you are someone who wants to make someone’s day special, hover over Geek Monkey to find some of the unique gifts. Not only do such gestures help you in surprising your loved ones but also give you an opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face. So, are you still waiting to try these unique gifts?

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to make up for your employees with unprecedented presents? With the festive season around the corner, you should not miss out on some of the best gifts and deals that we have on our website. With Diwali and Dussehra just a couple of months away, planning prior to such days would help you in planning well. This not only gives you time to think of more such things but also allows you to breathe easily when everything gets done. Furthermore, gone are those days when entrepreneurs used to buy standard and ordinary everyday gifts for their employees.

Sound Bytes – Personalized Audio & Photo Gift Hamper 

The thought of choosing an ideal gift for your brother/sister could run you into a state of grave concern. Make no mistake of choosing just a random present for your partner in your childhood crimes. Your brother/sister certainly demands a gift as special as yourself. To make your concern trouble-free, Geek Monkey offers you a personalized audio and photo gift hamper, an ideal gift for all occasions.

The hardcover on the front has your personalized picture, inside which there is sufficient space to fill it with chocolates and sweets etc. It is equipped with a mini speaker that plays your recorded message when the card gets opened. Your sibling is going to love it. So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it one of the best gift ideas for siblings?

Shining Stars LED Light Curtain

Diwali is a festival of lights. As a result, lights play a considerable role in the history of this festival. However, you need to be specific when it comes to thinking of presenting gifts on such a day. So, how about buying LED star lights on the day of Diwali to beautify your house? Since buying dia plays a vital significance, an LED light is not far behind it. These lights give you ample light with a dozen twinkling stars hanging with the help of wires. Known as one of the best gift ideas for Diwali, LED light curtains can be used both outdoors and indoors. You can shift these lights to your garden to amplify its beauty or simply install it in your living room. It would be magnificent to welcome your guests on such a day with shining stars welcoming them through to the house. You need to try these unique gifts after all, wouldn’t you?

The product comes with 6 small and 6 big stars along with 138 LED string lights, which are set as a curtain. It has a length of around 2 meters or 6 feet. Such an LED light curtain also consumes less amount of power and stays cool even if you keep them open for extended periods. With IP 44 waterproof level, utilize these LED string lights all around the house.

One in a Million Mosaic Photo Frame

Divinity in the exhibition is sibling love. If you have a mate in your brother/sister, and unconditional support for life, it is no less than a divine blessing. For such a special soul in your life, a memorable gift is the least that can be presented as your expression of love and gratitude. Geek Monkey helps you capture your favorite moments with your sibling on this customized mosaic photo frame. Highlight your best moment in the foreground along with 20-30 clicks in the background of this frame. A memento so simple yet so real will always remain close to your sibling’s heart. Try these unique gifts and know!

Together Forever | Custom Couple Clock.

These couple of unique gifts are inspired by loved ones. The timeless calendar gives your relationship a personalized touch and allows you to add your memories to it, whereas the custom couple clock makes you have your picture up there on the clock. It just does not end there. You have a whole lot of things to do with such beautiful and lovely gifts. If you have run out of ideas, go through some of the best video ideas available on Youtube. From these videos, you can learn the best ways to couple a gift with an added element.

Final Thoughts

You have a responsibility on your shoulders. Remember, everyone nowadays likes personalized gifts. So, know each and every staff member personally. And, if you do not know them in such a way, appoint higher managers to report to you for their interests and dislikes. Take note of all these things and then make a list of gifts you would want to buy for them. Just make sure you do not miss out on anything.

When you plan on buying worthwhile gifts for your loved ones, you tend to think and spend more than you would like to. Well, that is not a negative movement. Some relationships are meant to ask for more. To make things easier, we have tried to lay down several options under different categories. However, there are hundreds of gifts available on Geek Monkey, from which you can opt for the best one. Just make sure that you buy the best from the best. So, what are you waiting for? Go shop and make your employees, siblings, or partners cherish the day and emotions. You need to try these unique gifts and know for yourself.