Choose The Right Pallet Racking

A pallet rack is basically a material storage aid system that is usually made to store materials or pallets or skids in horizontal rows with multiple types of levels to store a variety of things. As we know, placing these materials into the racks is not an easy task and so a forklift truck is used as it is the easiest and most convenient option. Since old times, pallet racks have been of use in warehouses and factories and every kind of workshop and workplace. The load or weight that the racks can take varies from 200 kgs to 4000 kgs and can be made more than that on order. It is also essential to know that one needs to choose the right pallet racking for their homes. 

There is a wide variety of pallet racking systems custom-made for the customers designed according to the needs of the customer. In this region, the most common type of racking is selective racking because it is the most favoured, easiest, and affordable type of racking. The heights of the beams used in between the racks can also be adjusted according to the needs of the customer. Beams also come in a wide variety and range of height, sizes, and the capacity of which they can load. So there are seven types of racking solutions each having its own features namely:


Moreover, have you ever given a thought about how you can perceive the notion of buying new things for the home and then embracing the same? Well, if that is the case, you need to identify a lot of stuff. And, when it comes to the warehouses across the country, there might be a lot. 

Selective Racking System

It is the most common type of racking system. They are basically of two types – roll form and structural rack system. It provides very easy accessibility to the products being stored in it at all times. The use of this system is more or less done in the BIG BOX distribution type of applications and in inventory rooms or storerooms. So, always choose the right pallet racking. The materials or the components used in making the selective racking areas follows:

  • Load Beams
  • Upright Frames
  • Diagonal and Horizontal Braces
  • Pallet Supports
  • Timber Decking
  • Wire Decking
  • Footplates
  • Shims

Speaking of which, you have to consider several other factors that can play a significant role. This is because racking is one of the best things to load. Suppose you have a racking requirement for your commercial space and want to look for areas to fill the right way, what would you do? In this case, you can probably get a selective racking system.

Double Deep Racking

It is very similar to the selective racking system, the only difference is that in selective racking there is one row of racks whereas in this one there are two rows of racks placed one after the another in line. The rows, although being one after the other, are made in such a manner that both of these two rows are accessible easily. These double deep racking solutions can be best for your line of work if you are into trading and warehousing. Just wonder if you are into the gifting industry, where would you stack the items? Have you ever thought about that? So, what are you thinking about? Choose the right pallet racking.

Push Back Racking System

The push-back racking system can offer pallet storage while also sustaining different and selectivity lanes while utilizing for every SKU, making everything easier to pick, locate, or put away. Having said that, when it comes to pushing back warehouse storage racks, you need to use front unloading/loading, eliminating the need for different aisles.

  • Budget: $270 – $290 for every pallet
  • Storage Utilization: 70%
  • Floor Utilization: 70%
  • Versatility: Ideal to store similar SKU items.
  • Forklift Accessibility: This supports forklifts.
  • Inventory Management: (LIFO) Last In, First Out

Narrow Aisle Racking

This is also a form of selective racking with narrower aisles and spaces between two racks are very narrow as compared to the above two types. This type of racking system is mostly used in warehouses where the only man uplift or man down lift trucks can be used because they are more convenient to operate in this type

Now the most important thing to consider while using racks as a measure for storage, being safe, and using safety precautions is the most important factor to be considered. So some of the safety measures which can be used are:

  • There should not be any loose components in the racks system as it could make the pallets fall which is hazardous.
  • There should be no climbing or stepping upon the racks as it is not made for that.
  • Only quality and certified pallets should be used as safety are of utmost importance.

You Have The Say

Even though you have gone through the entire blog yourself, let us do the conclusive sections for you. When it comes to such a solution service, you often have to think about every storage item. Speaking of which, every rack has multiple uses and benefits. For narrow aisle racking, you might be looking for a more specific junction to rack every item, isn’t it? It is the same for every other form and type. Moreover, choose the right pallet racking for your warehouse. Also, remember that different racking options come with different pricing. 

And, when it comes to that, you may have to think about every palette’s cost. So, while you make up your mind to select the best racking system, you need to think twice and close. What would you compromise on? Do you wish to continue either way or want to make the most after reading the blog? We would recommend the latter. Instead of spending endlessly without any idea, do the right thing for your pocket and make the most of every resource.