Management Styles You Need To Know

More often, people choose style over substance, and that is when the situation goes wrong for an individual who’s working under different management styles. While working for an organization, it becomes quite simple after a point of time, to slip into an autopilot mode when communicating with your boss. So, it’s advisable for an employee to understand the style of working in order to progress through the ranks. However, there’s more that you may have to adhere to while creating a style of your own. Speaking of which, employees often feel they are left out from the entire surrounding. That is why there are various management styles you need to know.

If you are a budding individual who has just stepped onto the role of a manager, there are some lines and elements you need to learn. While you have specific authority on subordinates and situations, you should not overdo the job or cross a line. That is when the entire practice can become detrimental to your thoughts. So, make sure that you are well-versed with everything taking place within the four walls of your thoughts. When you plan on getting a role of a manager, know the policies, styles, and boundaries you to need create.

After you have adhered to all of the above, it is time for you to move ahead and work your way around. However, not only are these things important, but they also matter a lot when it comes to learning new abilities and the types of managers you can become. Given below are three management styles along with their advantages and disadvantages, which you’ll find at your workplace:

  1. Transformational Managers

These types of managers are the most inspiring ones, as they are able to identify the need for change and then move forward with that. There are ‘n’ numbers of levels on which such managers work.

Where it works: The employees are always provided with positive feedback under this management style. Not only does an employee get appreciated, but also grows at a personal level. Managers here inspire people working under him/her, to carry out results and help build morale amongst fellow employees. That is why there are various management styles you need to know.

Where it goes wrong: “Too much of something” is always considered to be harmful. Rewarding employees on the basis of their charisma rather than their hard work is a huge disadvantage.


Working under transformational managers help you in succeeding through the ranks, morally. A basic theme of ‘give and take’ is shared between a manager and an employee under this style.

  1. Democratic Managers

Also referred to as fathers of management, these managers have ears for all your thoughts and ideas. The decisions under this style of management are made on the basis of the majority. Where it works: An employee’s creativity is appreciated and encouraged along with their collaboration and communication. One can be satisfied under democratic managers.

Where it goes wrong: Decisions can take a lot of time to take place, as there’s no clear leader under this style. Too many opinions spoil the play.

‘Speaking up about’ is something every individual needs to think of, when under democratic management. So, even if your ideas are not fully formed, someone else from the lot will build on the existing ideas.

  1. Autocratic Managers

These are the managers who take a decision solely without inviting their employees to put any sort of inputs. Such managers do not ask for any opinions, they rather tell you to do what they’ve decided.

Where it works: Only if an individual is willing to work with a firm direction or where the decisions are taken in no time, will see him/her go through.

Where it goes wrong: Many things depend on who you are working under. A lot of subjects under this style of management can demoralize and de-motivate you. Today’s employees are not best suited for autocratic management. That is there are integral management styles you need to know.

It is recommended that you should not challenge or speak firmly to an autocratic manager. Even if you have an issue regarding something – have it circled around in bits and then wait for the final decision. That doesn’t mean you go forward and say yes to everything. It’s just about, thinking of a creative way of saying ‘no’.

Final Thoughts


The traditional age was when people had no idea about how to deal with situations. Back in the day when opportunities were limited, employees always said yes to every job their senior manager asked them to do. There was never a ‘no’ in the entire situation. However, the modern age has changed everything from start to bottom. Now, people have become more than aware of what needs to be done. With the internet age looming large on several opportunities, there are new jobs available in the corporate industry. Speaking of which, employers and seniors of a company can no longer be rude and abusive while talking to their team members, thanks to Google and multiple job portals.

Yet another factor that plays a significant role is the way seniors handle their juniors. Everything has changed in the corporate industry in 2021. However, because of the covid implications and complications, everything has entered the work-from-home mode. This may be good and bad. Good for experienced people and bad for freshers who are just entering the big race of being successful. Moreover, if you are a budding manager who wants to own a style of your own, do not look anywhere else. Always stay inspired by your work. 

But, while you do that, have healthy conversations with your team and know everyone’s positive sides. Know where they get stuck and help them out. Another thing you need to consider is their special days. Whenever your team member has a special day like a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, celebrate the day with them. Provide them with a thoughtful gift from Geek Monkey and make their day. So, there are multiple management styles you need to know for smoother operations.