Opportunities Youth Can Look Out For

16-year olds don’t have much idea about where they need to head when it comes to working in a professional world. That’s when the urgency and importance of advice come into sheer play. In addition, when they do not develop a skill-set, they often deviate and become the exact opposite of what they used to be. That is why it is essential to know what to achieve to succeed in life. However, if you are not aware of what one should do in such situations, there are opportunities youth can look out for. 

Given below are useful tips and hints that will help you shape up your opportunities well:

The number of Working Hours I can work! The first and primary thing, which you should know is the number of hours you can invest in a day, to work. You might want to work for every available hour of the day initially, but it’s quite important to know your rights and what you’re entitled to do.

The ones who are in the age group of 15-16, can give 12-20 hours a week, which further breaks down to 2 hours on school days, Sundays, and a maximum of 8 hours on a Saturday.

Decide what you want to do!

A wide range of options is there, from which you can choose the best field for yourself. Be it part-time or taking up an apprenticeship, there’s always something out there for you to grab! Have you heard about initial jobs to help you earn your pocket money? Since there are many internships available in the corporate sector, look for an ideal one for yourself. Do not hesitate if you don’t have any skills yet. Many young teenagers are not ready to go head-on in an office atmosphere. However, for people who have just graduated from high school, this may sound like a significant leap. 

Have a look at some of the part-time jobs you can apply for:

  1. Sales Consultant
  2. Customer Service Assistant
  3. Part-Time Sales Assistant
  4. Beauty Consultants
  5. Fragrance Specialists

Studying, but still want to work part-time?

“Start earning while you’re still learning!” – That’s something which most of the students have opted for, these days. Students should ideally work to experience the survival instincts of corporate life. One cannot thrive without having seamless instincts. So, what would it be? These are the opportunities youth can look out for.

From one’s knowledge, the Retail industry is the best-suited industry for an individual with no experience, plus most of the employers are flexible with the working hours. Apart from the Retail industry, one can also work as a waiter/waitress or as a member of event staff. Both of these professions could give you extra bucks while you’re still studying. This is ideal if you have student loans on your head. And, if the case is the opposite, you could always improvise and customize your way of working.

Left your school and looking for an apprenticeship?

Want to go for a new skill or trade and establish yourself in the practical setting? Well, then an apprenticeship is the best solution for you. Individuals around 16, who are not involved in full-time education can apply for such skilled labor positions.

Have a look at some of the part-time jobs you can apply for:

  1. Web and Marketing Designer Apprentice
  2. Recruitment Consultant Apprenticeship
  3. Office Junior Administrator
  4. Business Administration Apprentice
  5. Health and Social Care Assessor

Want to do something different after leaving your school?

Many of us have different plans in life and that’s where major differences occur. One has to think beyond the boundaries to make everything fall into the right places. Some of the agencies do have programs for school dropouts too, which offer a wide range of opportunities, be it combat, intelligence, engineering, or HR. These are the opportunities youth can look out for.

Given below are some of the industries you can get into:

  1. Beauty and Fashion
  2. Business and Sales
  3. Travel and Tourism and Hospitality
  4. Health and Care
  5. Law
  6. Sports and Fitness
  7. IT and Technology

The IT industry is not only exploratory but amazing. Since parents are focusing on developing their child’s skill-sets from a very young age, being in an IT company can break the shackles and guide a young individual in a positive direction. Even though this may sound appealing, one cannot run from the fact that IT is the new world. Besides, it is an industry that requires people with a modern yet creative mindset.

Concluding thoughts

Even if you come across rejections in the initial stages, don’t worry because someone or the other has been in the same situation. Remember, learn and move forward. However, if you are someone who is just starting out, do not forget to make a difference. Not only are skill-sets crucial for you but also the organization you are going to work in. so, while you make a switch, never compromise on such a thing. That is because it helps you grow in all the departments. Furthermore, you would not want to be dominated by people you do not know. And, if such a situation occurs, develop resistance and patience at the same time. This is ideal when the situation is accountable. So, these were the opportunities youth can look for.

As a youthful individual, always stay up to the mark and date. Speaking of which, if you get stuck somewhere, there should be easy ways to do the job. Consequently, what you sow is what you will reap in the upcoming days. Therefore, be attentive and know what to believe in. opportunities do not just come by. You have to work hard for it and show your worth to the organizations. Since they will be the ones paying you a significant amount, it is easier for you to make a mark. So, what are you waiting for? Develop something that suits you best and make a quick move in the corporate sector. And, do not forget to learn how the ecommerce industry works when it comes to shopping online.