Teachers Day Is An Auspicious Tribute

What comes to your mind whenever you think about teachers? Well, it is nothing less than prie and wisdom. That amount of respect you have designated for them is beyond anyone’s understanding. A good teacher tends to guide you in a good direction, allowing you to grow successfully. Moreover, the person you are today goes a lot to your teachers in schools or universities. They not only guide you in some of your ambitions but academics too. And, one must never forget about what they did with you. Besides, if you have anything in your mind to celebrate your teacher’s day, this might be the perfect place to get started. Teachers Day is an auspicious tribute to mentors and guides.

On the other hand, students who are currently studying need to know their mentors well. Even if they are strict or cannot add value to who you are, do not hassle or think negatively. Every adult, be it a mentor or your non-subject teacher, would guide you in different ways. While some do it in a direct way, others tend to do it unknowingly. That is when their goodness comes into play. So, if you have certain things in mind, get started with them. And, if you are still thinking about what to do for your favorite mentors, try buying gifts for them. This would not only allow them to celebrate their existence but for their profession too. 

Furthermore, have you ever thought about what a teacher loves the most? It is the sheer happiness of knowing how well their students coped with life. Even if you are not earning a good package but are happy with your respective selves, they would feel proud of you and everything you have achieved. So, get inspired on this teacher’s day.

Plan a get-together 

When teachers meet at one place, it becomes a holy ground for everyone. One does not just sit there and wait for their teachers to make the move. As a student, you have to pay them back through some things. Haven’t you heard about get together and meet-ups with teachers? Students tend to plan all of these since forever. So, what are you waiting for? Teachers day is an auspicious tribute and one should not forget about making a huge mark on this day. In addition, what you can do is call every teacher you know and plan a meet-up at one of the teacher’s residences. 

Since schools are opening up, you can take the head’s permission and call everyone during recess. And, if that cannot be done easily, try talking to your teachers. But, do not tell them anything about the plan. Let them play the guessing game. Besides, this will be one of the best things they may have witnessed.

Do a video call with fellow students

Did you know that some batches are special? If you have been a part of a special batch, you would know how it feels. And, guess what, a teacher would also feel the same when it comes to following the students they have taught for years. Suppose you know your teacher personally, try talking things out of them. Know their favorite students and try getting in touch with them. After you have successfully contacted them, let them know about your intention and make the move. 

For teachers, students and years pass by really quickly. However, what does not beat time is the remembrance of all those times you spent teaching your favorite batch. Say, you want to surprise your sports teacher this teacher’s day, try contacting their favorite players and those who started their profiles and career in front of these teachers.

Send a postcard

This may seem like it has aged, but the classics are coming back. Even if you did not know that postcards existed, it might be the right time to make use of them. If you are in the other corner of the world, send a picture attached to a postcard. You can also label it as ‘to the one I owe everything.’ These are things that every teacher wants to acknowledge. Teachers day is an auspicious tribute and they may expect quirky and memorable things on such a day.

So, what have you been waiting for? Get on the teacher’s day bandwagon and surprise them like you do for loved ones. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to do much. And, postcards do not cost anything. Attach an image, write some sweet lines, and post it out to the teacher’s residence. That is all!

Final Words Of Wisdom

Have you ever been a part of a teacher’s day event? If you haven’t witnessed what it feels like to perform certain things for teachers, you will never know the wise things about life. This is one of the things you need to know about life and how it becomes so wonderful when you do certain things for your mentors. Yes, your seniors, mentors, and guides are getting paid for their job, but a good teacher’s payback is when they see their students prosper in life. This is more important than any of the ideas you may have for them. 

I still remember, back in the day, when we were in high school, we used to play a match between 11th and 12th graders as an exhibition and involved every student in those matches. Not only did we used to get our heads around but battled on the name of teachers day. It was a tradition that got carried away after we graduated from school. It was definitely one of the best experiences all of our batch students had. Even the sheer thought of playing in front of teachers and fellow students was a proud moment for most of us. Since teachers day is an auspicious tribute, this is one such post that no one should forget to read. So, keep reading and make the most of every idea.