Important points to know before applying to Facebook

So, with such an appealing topic to talk about, it becomes quite important to lay down some points as to how an individual can apply for an opening in Facebook, and what it is like to work there. Firstly, you should know about its interview process and how it goes about. Moreover, when you are applying to a behemoth of a company that is ruling the entire world, know that everything can come towards the end except your ambitions. You only live once and to work in a company like Facebook, there are so many perks already waiting for your arrival. So, what are you holding onto? Some of the important points which can be taken into consideration are given below. Besides, here are important points to know before applying to Facebook. 

First comes first: Interview process

Facebook’s interview process is quite lengthy, as one has to go through a lot of phone and face-to-face interviews. The best and the most appealing part of these interviews is that it tests you at every step and makes you think, in order to match the parallels. An interviewee is tested on his/her professional experience, cultural fit, technical ability, and passion. You will be judged on the basis of the field you’re willing to commit yourself to, at Facebook. 

Never forget to be innovative, as the global head of recruiting, Miranda Kalinowski has stated that, one should be able to build onto existing things, no matter what their position is. A high level of curiosity along with talent is quite important to land a known position at this company. In all, an interviewee needs to be somewhat similar to Mark Zuckerberg, in terms of ideas, drive, and enthusiasm. 

Facebook’s workplace has it all!

You just can’t ignore Facebook’s workplace. It has all that you need – keeping in mind the status of this social media powerhouse. Free sweet shops, nap pods, and Instagram-shaped rooms that are made for meetings can be found within the Facebook offices.

The open spaces along with a wide array of games (including ping pong, arcades, guitar heroes, and chess) in the office make it more worthwhile for the ones working at this place. The ethics which are shared by both employees and customers here are immense. Aren’t these some of the important points to know before applying to Facebook.

Facebook also gives way for an employee to take over the ownership at their own working areas. Yes, there’s a wall graffiti area too, in the office, so it’s understood that the employees’ artwork is there on display. 

Roles you can go for

This social media behemoth offers a variety of roles, though they are looking for some technical stuff, like software engineers and project heads one can always look down to the following fields, made available by them, such as:

  • Admin and HR
  • Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Design
  • Online Operations
  • Legal
  • Business Development

Ever thought about the benefits?

Well, you’ll be quite ecstatic to know that, along with Facebook’s amazing culture, there are things like free food and drinks, gourmet meals, sweets, cupcakes, and even an outdoor barbeque. Facebook has all of it covered for you. Remember, the amount of maternity/paternity leaves Facebook allows is just next to exceptional, which includes 15-17 paid week offs and other babysitting expenses. 

You just can’t let this important thing slip off your mind that this place not only gives you all the above benefits but also guides you in the right direction by offering a wide range of training. And, there is much more to the already-existing elements that you did not know. If you are from the IT sector, think about the possibilities of learning new things and technical areas you can master, at the same time. You cannot get better than getting into Facebook and not knowing how to get started. If you come from a technical background, learn new things from extra-talented professionals here. So, always be prepared with important points to know before applying to Facebook.

It takes more than just talent!

Ever wondered how to get through the interview rounds held by the HR department? Well, everything is not just about being technically sound here at Facebook. You also have to be proactive and quite creative while determining the viability of what needs to be done. While you may have years of experience by your side to make the most of, there are things you can lack, at the same time. That is when you can consult experienced professionals to know what to do in such processes, methods, and time. Such an opportunity only comes once and you ought to get around it with nothing to fear. These are some important points to know before applying to Facebook.

If you go by what some applications have to say, you will never look for a loophole. Remember, all you have to do is, talk to some people, watch videos on YouTube, and tighten your resume. All these require determination, so do not lose any form and type of hope you have been clinging on. These small details will help your cause and allow you to strengthen your strong points. In the end, if you want motivation and you do not meet any, try going to websites like Geek Monkey and buy a gift or two for yourself. It is important to treat yourself once in a while and make the most of what needs to be done in such situations. 

What do you think?

Since there are other opportunities on the internet nowadays, you would not want to lose on such an option. Facebook is a mammoth you cannot ignore or miss out on. Whether you are a developer, designer, or writer, things can get really tough if you lack the punch. You need to be on your toes and be quite lucky with what you have to deliver. Just think about how many applicants submit their resumes on one of their vacancies. Their HR department screens every profile closely and knows who matches the position. So, always be prepared and know what you are going for. What do you think about acknowledging important points to know before applying to Facebook?