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All You Need for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Weddings take a lot of effort, time, and money. And there are still a number of things that one may overlook. There even may be some relatives who do not like certain things. However, the smallest details can make a lot of difference. While the decorations, food, and clothes are some of the major things, it is usually about those simple things that count. And if you are in charge of planning out a wedding, you should take into consideration some of the things that can put a great impression of the guests. Here are a bunch of elements that will help you plan the perfect and also an aesthetic wedding:

Team Bride/Groom Tattoos

Team Bride Tattoo

For the bridesmaids and the best man out there, these tattoos will accentuate their outfits while also separating them from other guests. While it will add on to the bling factor, it will also help you stand out from the crowd. This temporary tattoo will offer you with a special status of being extremely close to the bride of groom. And we are sure that you will get all attention the that you deserve on your bestie’s wedding. Not to mention, this will pop out in your pictures and make so much Instagram-worthy!

Personalized Brooch

Ladke Waale Brooch

We are sure that you must have come across these amazing personalised wedding brooches. This is yet another quirky way to give you a designation at this much-awaited wedding. Whether you are from the bride’s side or the Groom’s, these Ladkiwale and Ladkewale brooches will amp up your outfits and give you the status that you deserve! Moreover, people would know who are the ones who are closest to the couple. Not to mention, there is a huge set of responsibility that come along with these brooches. But we are sure that you will fulfil perfectly.

Customized Salt and Pepper Shakers

Mr Mrs SnP

Your meals will never go bland with these cute and quirky salt and pepper shakers. These miniature versions of the bride and groom will sway your guests off their feet! Put in right on the center of the table so that everyone can have a look at these gorgeous shakers while also allowing them easy access to it. Whether you use it at the in-house bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, or at the pre-wedding rituals, these salt and pepper shakers are bound to enhance your celebrations.

Bride/Groom Bobbleheads

My Lilliputian - Custom Wooden Doll

If the shakers do not float your boat, these bobbleheads definitely will. These nodding heads will add a sense of fun and excitement to the otherwise boring décor. Also, these will also serve as an amazing prop for you and your guests’ selfie and photo sessions. While the guests can play with it, these may also serve as a nice return gift for some of your close relatives and friends. And since these can be personalized, they are bound to help you cherish all the amazing memories of the wedding shenanigans.

Personalized Hangers

Custom Hanger

While most of the things mentioned here are related to decorations and serving to the guests, these personalized hangers are exclusively for the bride and groom. Perfect to save their wedding outfits, these custom-made hangers will make them feel super special on their big day. While these are extremely functional, they will also be a wonderful piece for keepsake. The bride and groom can hang up their outfits on these and keep them as a memoir from their special day. The bridesmaids and best man can also decorate these hangers a little to make them extra special.

Engraved Cutlery

Another element that can serve as an amazing keepsake for the couple is engraved cutlery. With the bride’s and groom’s initials or names engraved above their wedding date, this would make for a wonderful piece. Just looking at this will help them take a stroll down the memory lane and live each and every moment of this amazing day all over again. The set can include – forks, spoons, blunt knives, ice tongs, champagne glasses, cake cutting knife and server, and many more cutlery options. This is also something that the couple can use again and again on their wedding anniversaries. Since, cakes and drinks are a part of every celebration, this will be a great way to celebrate their love and togetherness!

There is so much that goes into a wedding. And while you can get wedding planners to do it all for you, these are some of the details that require a lot of effort, time, and wit. And with these stunning elements, we are sure that you will be able to plan your bestie or your relative’s wedding in the best possible manner. Which element was your favorite that you would include in your wedding planning list? Do let us know in the comment section below!