Top 5 Housewarming Gifts


Buying a space that you can call your own is one of the most important and exciting milestones. This definitely calls for a celebration. People usually celebrate this huge event of their life with the people they love the most. So, if you happen to be invited to a housewarming recently, you should not go empty-handed. There are a number of gifts that you can choose from that will make this day a lot more special for them. We have curated some of the best housewarming gifts that you can consider getting before you head to the brand-new house:

Holy Idol

Mahadev Idol Figurine

In India, housewarming usually includes rituals like puja and hawan. This is to cleanse the home and bring in a positive vibe. It also gives a sense of a new start – not just for the home but also for the homeowners. So, getting a holy idol would be one of the best gifts you can get to the new homeowners. With the support and guidance of the supreme power, their transition to the new home will be a lot easier and convenient. And being their close friend or relative, you would know their religious approach. This will help you pick the right idol. Moreover, this will also ensure that they like your gift and would benefit them.

DIY Painting

DIY - Paint by Number

We are sure that the new homeowners would be on the lookout for some amazing home décor pieces to give their home a whole new look. So, why don’t you help them decorate their home and help them create a comfortable and cozy space? These DIY- Paint by Number paintings would be a perfect gift. While this will bring a splash of colour to any corner of their home, but it will also spark creativity in them. Since this is a do it yourself painting, this will also bring a sense of uniqueness. Moreover, they will get a feeling of creating something on their own.


Badminton Humidifier

While buying a house is a huge life event, making the space look and feel like your own is also a major task. For this, you need a bunch of things. This will help you convert the house into a home. A humidifier is a great gifting option that you can consider as well. A humidifier plays a major role in making any space cozy and comfortable. This will help them moisturize their skin, make the room warmer, and would help them get a good night’s sleep. Moreover, this would help the new homeowner relax and rejuvenate after their hectic moving.


Bird Tail Lamp

A lamp is a must for giving their living room, bedroom, or their study room a complete look. This would not only help you light up every nook and corner of their home but it will also give their home a fresh vibe. Whether you go for an antique looking lamp or for a modern or chic one, we are sure that this will make for one of the best housewarming gifts. By getting this birdie lamp, you also get a dedicated place that holds your smartphone in place. And if you are looking for a minimalistic look, you can go for some basic lamps or even fairy lights. These are a great option for kids’ room. So, whether you wish to stream some content online or video call someone, this would be a great pick.

Wall Clock

Custom Couple Clock - Together Forever

By gifting a wall clock, you are bringing in the good times to the lives of the new homeowners. A wall clock would be a great housewarming gift. And this customized wall clock would be a much more special one. Not to forget the quirky little caption beneath it! While this will help them cherish the beautiful times spent together, it will also motivate them to weave some amazing memories in the coming years in this home. You can also consider getting a table clock that will go amazingly with the kids’ study table or even the in-house office space.

Glow in Dark Bedsheet

Glow in Dark Bedsheet

While most of these things will help you deck up their living room, this present will help you decorate their bedroom as well. This glow-in-dark bedsheet is one of the most dreamy and magical things that they will ever come across. This would also make for a great present for their kids’ bedroom. The pattern glows in dark making it look simply out of a fantasy movie.

We hope that at least one of these presents tickles your fancy. These are some of the amazing gifts that will make any housewarming event a successful one. And we are sure that these presents will help the new homeowners settle into their new abode seamlessly. Do mention your favorite housewarming gift below.