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Things for your In-House Office Space

With the ongoing pandemic, we are all well-versed with work-from-home situation. Although we miss our office spaces and colleagues quite a lot, we need to accept the fact that going to our office building does not seem to be a possibility in the next few months at least. However, the world has not stopped for anyone. People are working each and every day right from their homes. And to help you become a little more efficient, productive, and comfortable, we have come up with a bunch of things that should be a part of your in-house office space. Have a look at these quirky yet functional items that will make your in-house office space a lot more vibrant and industrious for you:

Desk Foot Hammock

Foot Hammock

Just like your body, your feet also deserve some rest. Sitting up straight for an entire day can not only stress your back and shoulders but also your feet. And while one never forgets to get an office chair, a desk foot hammock is also something that should not slip your mind. With the adjustable rope, you can ensure that it suits your feet well and offer you utmost comfort. Also, it is quite petite which makes it quite easy for you to fit it under the table. It is also lightweight and portable which means that you can pair it either with your office chair or even your sofa.

Glass Holder Clip


A cup of coffee is usually what ones needs to stay alert an attentive. But the fear of slipping it over your important documents might make your skip on your daily dose of caffeine. But with this glass holder clip, you would not have to worry about spilling your beverages ever again. This sturdy holder will ensure that your cup stays in place while you work on some important projects. This is a great addition especially if you have a small working desk and have a lot of things to accommodate. It would ensure that your coffee mug does not take any space on your table and would also make things a lot more organizable and neat for you.

Mini Cart Shaped Card Holder


Looking for a quirky card holder? We are sure that you would need a card holder for your office desk. It is one of the primary things any business would need. But to give out a nice impression on your clients, you should get a quirky and innovate card holder than gets all the attention. This mini cart shaped card holder will make you and your business stand out. It has a metal body which makes it quite sturdy. So, no matter how many cards or stationery you wish to store, it can take it all. Also, it features spinning wheels that offers you with a fidget device as well whenever you are in the middle of a brainstorming session or a high-demanding project.

Solar Powered Ganesha Idol

Solar Powered Ganesha - Car Decor

Whether you are setting up a new office space or buying a new house, Lord Ganesha is the first one you should worship. To ensure that this new space only attracts good vibes and offers your good wishes in the time to come, you should have a Ganesha idol on your desk. While it is considered to be auspicious, you would also feel a calming sensation just by a mere glimpse of Lord Ganesha. Just keeping this idol in your office space can have a positive impact on your mindset. Not only this, since Lord Ganesha is considered to be the remover of obstacles, you might be able to crack some amazing deals with His blessings. Also, it is solar powered which means all you need is some sunlight in your office space to get Lord Ganesha’s hands moving. The idol also illuminates all thanks to its solar chip!

Sticky Notes

animal sticky notes

Well, every office space needs sticky notes. Whether it is a zoom call at noon, catching up with the team, or an important client meeting.  Everything can be easily jot down on these handy sticky notes. Just stick it up on your board and you will be sorted for the day. With everything noted down just in front of your eyes, you would never forget about those client calls again. It will help you be more organised and will thus increase your efficiency. And we are sure that these animal-shaped sticky notes will add some colour and humour to your office space. This will make your day at work a little less stressful. While you need to be reminded for your upcoming plans, these animals will do it in a more pleasant manner.

These were some of the most amazing, quirky yet productive items that every office space should have. We hope that with these things you will be able to build an office space. An office space that you would wish to go and work in every day!