Quirky Tableware For Kids

One of the challenges that almost every parent has to face is to make their kids eat healthy. They may try different recipes or unique tactics like making the meals a lot more vibrant than usual. All of this to ensure that their kids consumes good quality and fresh food. However, finding a way that works perfectly can be hard to find. Moreover, coming up with such unique ideas on a daily basis can be difficult as well. So, to make things easy for you and to ensure that kiddo gets all the nutrients, we have come up with some amazing tableware that will make them want an extra serving, even if that’s your usual recipe. Here are a bunch of tableware options that can consider buying to transform any meal into a special one:

Fancy Cutlery

Fancy Kids Fork

Giving your cutlery a new look is one of the most amazing ways to encourage kids to eat. And in our case, this way, we will encourage them to eat healthy. Simply put some veggies, or even some fruits in the plate and wait them to try out their new and fancy cutlery. While they will be busy adoring the colourful and vibrant tableware, you can feed them without them even noticing that are eating something that may not even look at. We are sure that your kids would love their meal time thanks to these amazing and chic-looking cutlery. With so many action figures like the Hulk, Spider Man, and Thor, your kids will keep asking for more.

Stylish Dishes

Fish Shaped Fruit Plate

Another fun way to make things exciting for your kids is by getting these stylish dishes. With so many colours and characters, they will definitely want an extra chapati! And why not! Finishing up the meal would reveal their favourite character hidden underneath their chapati. No matter what motivates them, your job would be done seamlessly. Geekmonkey’s fish-shaped plates are bound to make any meal a special one! Getting these plates can turn out into an amazing investment.

Funky Mugs

Pikachu Mug

Tried all the ways to ensure that your kiddo drinks a mug full of milk each morning? Well, we are sure most of the parents would have faced this. Adding different types of flavours might work but they are not always healthy for kids. If you wish to keep the benefits of milk intact, it is better to encourage them to drink it up as is. And we know that can be a task! But we are sure that getting them a funky mug would do the trick. These colourful and vibrant mugs would help them kick-start their morning on a healthy note. You can get the hulk punch mug or the spider man mug or even the iron man mug. Or get more than one and surprise your kids with a new one on a daily basis. We are sure that your kids will look forward to drinking milk every morning.

Playful Cereal Mugs

 Cereal Bowl

Even though cereal come in different flavours, shapes, and sizes, getting your kids to have a healthy breakfast each morning can quite a hassle. But with these playful cereal mugs, we are sure that cereals would become their breakfast staple very soon. With such interesting concepts, you will be confused as to which one to choose. Your kids will definitely love this soccer cereal bowl that will make their mornings a lot more energetic and exciting. You should also have a look at this basketball slam dunk cereal bowl that will encourage your kids to use its hoop for their cereal, making their breakfast an amazing and fun game! Call their friends and have a match!

Trendy Cups and Sippers

Mouse Sipper

To ensure that your child gets all the nutrients, you should make sure that they consume fresh fruit juices and enough water. And while kids are usually busy with their school, homework, and other activities, they may not find the time to hydrate themselves. Mostly, kids are just too irresponsible to ensure proper intake of water and juices. So, as their parent, you need to make sure that they get all the nutrients. You can consider getting these trendy-looking cups and sippers that will encourage them to increase their water intake. Weather you use it for water or for freshly squeezed juice, these cups and sippers would turn out to be their favourite!

These were some of the many quirky tableware options that will help your kiddo have a balanced diet. We are sure that as a parent you would have discovered a lot of new and quirky ways to ensure that your child consumes healthy and fresh food. Do let us know in the comments down below about some of your tips and tricks. Also, let us know which tableware you liked the most and which ones would work for you.