What It Is Like To Represent The Indian Army 

Have you ever realized what it feels like to lose your loved ones? Well, ask any family whose son or other family members have been martyred. And, while you do that, you will know what this emotion brings out of you. Like every child who wants to serve in the Indian Army, it is somewhat close to a dream. Back in the early 2000s and 2010s, children not only wanted to become a cricketer because Sachin had played for India, but they also wanted to represent India in the Army. Not only is it the feeling of appreciation but it is a sense of pride that we often look for in other things. What it is like to represent the Indian Army is one of the best subjects you will ever come across in Geek Monkey’s blog section. 

Moreover, if you are one of the kids who have just graduated from school and are looking to apply for NDA or IMA, you might just be on the right blog. Not only have you seen the Lakshay movie starring Hrithik Roshan but you also got motivated by watching this movie. He represented a normal spoiled brat in the most traditional of ways. And, boy, didn’t he do justice to that role. For all the young pals there, you need to understand that there is more to sacrifice when it comes to breathing that uniform and representing the country on Indian borders. 

One has to be prepared to stay away from the family and for these people, it is all about putting the country first and then your battalions before anyone else in your life. If you are a single earner of your family, you might never meet your family again.

More Than A Sacrifice


Getting into the uniform requires a lot of determination and more than that, he or she needs a lot of heart to sacrifice than love. So, the next time you intend to serve in the Navy, Air Force, or simply military, know the stakes that can affect your life. We will never say that it takes a lot from you. We will just put it this way – even if you get martyred in a battle, you are alive for the rest of your life. You are one of the legends who fought battles and won your country some crucial things. It is something you would want to take pride in. people will never know what it is like to represent the Indian Army.


Moreover, there are many things you might want to do first before applying for IMA or even NDA. For the Indian Military Academy, you will have to study a lot. Speaking of which, you may have to refer to the previous years’ papers to know what it feels like preparing for the exam. Guess what, you may have to put all your heart into this before you even think of getting through. And, once you have put all your heart into this, there is no stopping you from qualifying and getting the designation of Major, Captain, Brigadier, and Lieutenant. 

Prepare Yourself 

You have to prepare yourself mentally first before going in for something that is related to your physical fitness. Failing in the exams or your physical test can leave a huge mark on your confidence. So, make sure that you practice every day and ensure exam preparations are complete without any hassle. If you want to make things easier, sit with a retired veteran and hear most of his or her war stories. Trust us, you will be inspired and get a push if you lack motivation. However, there are some vital requirements that you need to qualify for first. But, when you do, there is no stopping you. What it is like to represent the Indian Army?


As someone who is applying for the IMA, get accustomed to the training you may go under. It takes a lot of sweat, blood, and determination to get into such a regime. The trained veterans there will push you to limits that might break you internally and externally. So, make sure you do not fail at such a high level.

Surprise Your Parents With The Decision


Most of the time, you end up surprising your parents with the decision. They might not be looking for you to get into the army, but hey, this is one of the best things you can gift them. What is it like to represent the Indian Army, they need to know this. Remember, mothers are a true representation of God and they might not let you go in the first place. Explain to her what it would mean to serve the country and the people who want to sleep safely at night. This is one of the best gifts you can give to your parents.


Moreover, when it comes to making such a decision, consult your friends once. They might also be applying for such a change. To start with, show them some movies to allow them to get the emotion and then buy some gifts from Geek Monkey to alleviate their fear. Remember, you can easily do this without a doubt. But, when you do, be careful in not stretching their fear. Show them movies that show pride more than the demise. Be careful before treading on a thin line because parents are emotional. 

It Is An Emotion


People who have loved and lost while being on the battlefield know the emotion of serving for your country. Nobody likes to stay behind, but when you take the pledge of keeping your country on top, there are more emotions than just thinking of sacrifices. Serving is one of the happiness emotions you may not get anywhere else. And, to associate with the legends who once fought and lived is not just a feeling, but an everlasting skin that grows on you with each passing day. So, it is your time to know what it is like to represent the Indian Army.