Buddh Purnima 2021

Buddha Purnima 2021: Know About its History Importance

Buddha Purnima 2021: Know About its History Importance

Lord Buddha, whose real name is Siddhartha Gautam, was born on this day of the Vaishak month, so it is popularly celebrated as the Buddha Purnima among Hindus. Buddha Poornima or Buddha Jayanti is the day commemorating the birth of Lord Buddha.

Buddha Purnima arrives at the full moon day in the month of Vaisakh as per the Hindu Calendar or the Hindu Tithi. As per the English or Georgian Calendar, Buddha Purnima is celebrated in May. In 2021, the auspicious day of Buddha Purnima will be celebrated on 26th May as it’s a full moon day. Let us know more about this day and how people celebrate it.

Buddha Purnima 2021 date and Purnima tithi

  • Buddha Purnima is on Wednesday, May 26
  • Purnima tithi begins at 8:29 PM on May 25
  • Purnima tithi ends at 4:43 PM on May 26

Who was Lord Buddha?

Buddha Purnima

As discussed above, the real name of Lord Buddha was Siddhartha Gautam who was born in a small kingdom, known as Lumbini, located near the Himalayas in the Terai plains of southern Nepal. Lord Buddha was born in 623 BC. Lumbini has now become a popular pilgrimage destination for tourists. People from all across the country flock to see and explore and this place.

Walkthrough the Birthplace of Lord Buddha: Lumbini

As you walk through the city of Lumbini, you will witness the ethnicity of the place. The destination remarks the remembrance of Lord Buddha’s childhood memories. This holy destination urges a spirit of true spirituality among your soul which will ultimately make you feel the power of this heavenly place.

Story of the beginning of Buddhism

Lumbini is a place that started the religion of Buddhism. Around 2600 years ago, under a full moon night, Queen Mayadevi, Lord Buddha’s mother, gave birth to him on her way during her travels. It is said that soon after she gave him birth, Prince Siddhartha stood up, walked a few steps away and looked around, and announced that there would be no rebirth for him, which signaled his destiny.

Significance of Lumbini

buddha purnima

Lumbini is a wonderful place to visit as the quietness of the place gives you a chance to heal your soul and meet nature in a sacred way. The significance of this place explains it all. Lumbini, a destination where Prince Siddhartha was born and later became Lord Buddha, consists of tranquility.

People believe that it still has the same water feature in which Prince Siddhartha took bath with his mother soon after his birth, which is also known as the Purification bath.

Lumbini, a spiritual destination for tourists

A place where God was born is always a holy place to be visited. Lumbini, a popular pilgrimage destination for pilgrims, is a place where you can live a dream and enlighten your soul.

The city of Lumbini is quiet and calm and anyone can visit this place, no matter how rich he is or not. This place remarks similarly for all.

Does Buddha Purnima fall on the same date every year?

No, there’s no such specific date of celebrating Buddha Purnima in a year. It goes according to the Hindu Calendar, which means it falls on a different date every year. Buddha Purnima or the birth of lord buddha. People celebrate Buddha Purnima on a full moon day, every year as per Hindu Calendar, significantly in the month of Vaisakh.

Which countries celebrate the birth of Lord Buddha?

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Not only India but other countries also celebrate Buddha Purnima.

Various countries celebrate the birth of Lord Buddha. It includes,

  • Sri Lanka,
  • Myanmar,
  • Cambodia,
  • Java,
  • Indonesia,
  • Tibet,
  • Mongolia

What’s the significance of celebrating Buddha Purnima?

People usually celebrate Buddha Purnima to remember and adopt the teachings of Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha always taught us to be calm and live together happily and peacefully. Also, he always urged on to follow the path of calmness and never to follow the path of brutality. Moreover, Lord Buddha is the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu as per the Hindu mythologies.  However, this year, 26th May 2021, will mark the 2583rd Birth Anniversary of Lord Buddha.

Celebrations of Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima

By Mediation. Yes, you read that right!

On Buddha Purnima, the followers of Buddhism wear white clothes, head towards a peaceful place in search of quietness, and Meditate. Some people even prefer fasting to dedicate themselves to Lord Buddha. People prefer to eat only vegetarian food on this day to mark the purity of this auspicious day. Kheer is an Indian sweet dish that people prepare on this occasion. Moreover, people also like to donate food, clothes, books, money, and other essential things to needy people on this day.

 World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Mahabodhi Temple is a sacred pilgrimage destination and is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. People prefer to visit this temple on the day of Buddha Purnima to offer their prayers to Lord Buddha. So, we hope that we provided all the important information regarding the topic.

We hope that this information will help you get an overview of people celebrate this auspicious occasion. Also, we also hope that this day brings healthy and happiness to your homes.

Happy Buddha Purnima to all of you!