How To Be More Efficient On A Computer

Knowing how to operate a computer has to be one of the most significant things you should know. If you are one of those people who has not honed the skill to go through the system and learn some of the best hacks, you have come down to the best platform and the right platform. However, there is a catch here. One does not have to take classes on how to operate a computer. There is YouTube these days and you can learn a lot through such a channel. All you have to do is search for basic facts and hacks you want to learn and then go about it while knowing how to be efficient on a computer

Moving in, try not to mix too many things at once. If you are simply learning Microsoft office and how to make the most of these wonderful PowerPoint, word, outlook, and PowerPoint, well, you are not late. You can simply watch a video on what is the use of every Microsoft office application. If you are a writer, word apps will be your best friend. In case you are one of the people who love to keep a check on accounting, excel is ideal for such a job. PowerPoint is for presentations. So, if you are a presentation junkie, well, you know where to click and go the next time you would want to present. 

Things have become much easier with learning tools and several tutorials placed on your desktop. You can easily learn certain elements of the computer and teach them to other people who do not know the machine. And you can do this by yourself without any help. 

How To Copy And Paste

Besides, have you ever figured out how to copy and paste files from one folder to another? It is not a shame to learn basic things. Even if you do not know much about it, there are things you can do to change it. Furthermore, this is very easy. You will have to select a folder, click on it and then press your right-click. Once the drop-down appears, press on the copy option, and your file will get copied. And, then open your target folder and press right-click in the middle to click on paste, and there you go. 

And, if you are operating through a keyword, you can simply do it by pressing the control button from either the right or left end of the space bar. Keep pressing the control button and then at the same time press the ‘c’ letter. Once you have achieved this, open the target folder and press control and ‘p’ at the same time to paste the target file you wanted to copy. This is exactly how to be efficient on a computer.

How To Minimize All The Screens

When you have opened so many files and applications on the system, this might become a little bit complex. It is not because you have been opening so many files at once. It is because your system might run slow when so many things are running in the background. And during these times it might become challenging to minimize every such window you see on the monitor. That is why learn this hack. When you want to see your desktop screen, press the Windows button on your keyboard and then run D along with it. Voila! All your apps and files will be minimized at once and that too without any further ado. 

You also can do one more thing. Take your cursor to the right bottom corner of the screen and then simply click. This is one of the best shortcuts if you do not want to touch or use your keyboard. Isn’t it just fun?

How To Optimize Drives For System Speed

It is quite important to understand that external software and even internal ones can lead to data enrolling in the system. While you have successfully updated your system with Microsoft automatic updates, it is not essential that a system will surely make free space and increase system speed on its own. As an individual, if you are new to the concept of handling a laptop or a desktop, you should know that they tend to lose their speed when a lot of work happens. If you are penetrating through Google Chrome and certain tabs on the laptop, a lot of speed goes into operating them. How to be efficient on a computer depends on how you want to work.

What this does is, leaves your system in a pit where it lacks speed. Moreover, Chrome also takes a significant amount of RAM that may slow down the entire system or even hang in the middle of your task. For such problems, you can easily optimize your drives on My Computer and look for issues that can be internally solved by Windows Defender. After you have mastered this point, you have already learned a lot about computers.

Final Remarks

Did you know that a system can induce several viruses itself? And, if you have no clue about how to administer and monitor them, you can lose most of your data in a blink of an eye. That is why professionals recommend that you learn first and then make changes to the already-working system. At times, what we do is, download files and apps from phony websites and links that can leave a virus into your system. During such times, even hackers look for such opportunities to get into your system. 

Here, in this situation, know that you do now have to work and download stuff from external sources that are not trusted by Microsoft. All you have to do is simply download things from the Play Store. And, you are good to go. So, be effective while you are learning how to be efficient on a computer