Gifts For Your Father

One of the most important people around you is your father. What comes to your mind whenever you think about the celebrated moment you both have spent together. Well, if that is not the case, is there a memory in your head that you are ever so proud of? There is always one or two moments that you might remember, isn’t it? A father is a role figure for many kids while growing up. Not only are they a testament to sacrifice but they also tend to lose a lot to make their kids win without any doubt. That is the significance of what a father can really do to your life. So, if he has a birthday or any other special day coming up, try to buy gifts for your father.

There are more facets to this. A father who has always dreamt of growing his child without having to struggle, would not want to see them in despair. That should be the very case with people who want to grow like this as well. This is very much applicable to kids who want to walk in the footsteps of his or her father. Fathers do deserve our time, effort, money, and most importantly, everything there is. So, if he will experience his birthday in the coming days or he is retiring soon, do not worry. All you have to do is plan a party for him so that he does not feel left out. 

For that, what you can do is, buy him some of the best gifts from Geek Monkey. If, as a kid, you are wondering where to buy gifts from, it is Geek Monkey. So, let us have a look at the wide range of gifts brought forward by Geek Monkey.

Crowned Prince – Metal Brooch 

Fathers are actually lion-like figures, isn’t it? Are you wondering how and why they known to be such people? That is because they love to accentuate their feelings and like to see you all happy around him. So, when you usually picture a lion, you tend to think about the lion king. And, when you walk down that road, it is Mufasa you think of. And, who is that? He is a father. Just like Mufasa dived in the ditch to save Simba, real-life fathers do that every other second for their kids. 

So, to complement their love and personality, you can buy a brooch for them to rule over their hearts but this time with simplicity. As a father, they will be flaunting the lapel pin and declare their stance to the entire world. Moreover, the pin of the brooch is also made with high-quality metal and the king of the jungle has a rhinestone-studded crown. So, isn’t it something you would not want to miss out on?

Cork Coasters


What comes to your mind whenever you think about buying that worthy of a gift for your father? Since his status is irreplaceable, the gift has to be one of the best you have ever thought about. Does your father like having tea along with a stylish coaster sitting right beneath the cup? Well, if that is the case, then you ought to buy one of the best ones for him. Isn’t it? Go for the homemade and quirky option by Geek Monkey, for that matter. With some of the cool imprints, they are functional and fun to place on the table.

This is one of the best gifts for your father that has a size of 3.9″ in diameter and has round edges. Made of natural cork, this coaster set will help absorb moisture in order to keep the entire table clean. In case your father’s birthday is around, try and gift him this wonderful gift without much thought.

Take Him Out

Fathers have lived their lives without having to spend much on their things and likings. All you can do on his special day or father’s day is to give him a delightful and heartwarming treat like none other. Take him out to his favorite food joint and let him select whatever he wants to order from the menu. Trust us, you will not regret having to think about such an idea here. 

These gifts for your father are some things to reckon with. And, one must not forget the urgency with which you can make his life a blessing.

Final Thoughts

Wondering what to do with such gifting options? Well, it is quite definite that you already love your father and would want to do things for him out of love and care. And, most importantly, because he deserves every bit of your effort. So, at the end of the day, ensure that he enjoys the party, gifts, and whatever you have come up with. Remember, he is the man who has given up nearly everything to see you grow into the man or woman you are today. Never forget such a fact. And, if you already know this fact, embrace it with your heart because he would have.

If you have lost some of the best ideas there are, have a look at several videos on YouTube to plan your move. By doing this, you can actually take matters into your own hands. And, more than that, you will have more things to consider before surprising your father. There will be times you might not be able to think at par with your fathers, but the truth is, they deserve this effort. 

Modern dads love to play games too and they love to sit with their wives and enjoy TV shows or even Netflix for that matter. What you can do is, you can plan on buying a couple of games for him. Check what he loves to play and the makers he likes to attempt again and again. Post that you can simply buy him those games he is looking forward to.