Barware Gifts You Can Buy

Are you someone who can’t live without the existence of liquor? Well, if that is the case, you rather fashion its raw nature and how easily we get the same in our markets. An avid cocktail lover or someone who just wants to build a bar at his or her house loves to live by its trend. There are many people who like to keep a showcase full of vintage whiskey and vodka bottles, from Jonnie Walker to other lavish labels, you get to have knowledge of every brand that is out there, serving different forms and types of liquor. Since there are several barware gifts you can buy, you also need to keep your budget under supervision.

Buying such gifts from Geek Monkey is what will answer your query. Remember, all the barware gifts are hell expensive and when it comes to buying even a box of vodka glasses, you can burn a huge hole in the pocket. However, you can either be creative or can incorporate several forms of toy-based ideas through which you can buy and present them to your friends. If you think of this in such a way, you can either end up buying some of the best gifts from your friends or can hinder the entire experience by not doing anything thoughtful. 

Moreover, there’s another catch to the entire scene. There are many types of friends. One would love drinking while sitting in a resort, traveling away from home, for one lavish and expensive scotch can be a status symbol, and others would just act as collectors. In all cases, you have to be a bit creative. 

Best Ways To Buy Gifts

Observe which friend’s birthday is nearing the corner and then plan accordingly. Have a word with all your friends and decide on what you want to buy from Geek Monkey. This will allow you to contribute to the gift and be less hard on your pocket. So, what are you thinking of, select some of the best liquor brands, accessory gifts, and many more to present your friend on his or her birthday. Remember, these gifts will simply add stars to the entire mood, experience, and occasion. 

Shot Glass Roulette

If you or your loved ones love going to casinos and gamble all night, you might need something or the other that can stop you from stepping out of the house the entire night. Isn’t it? Well, this gift by Geek Monkey is one to look out for. A roulette casino style spin shoot is one such present that can elevate the excitement levels significantly. While you work your way through the roulette, don’t forget to mix all the ingredients in the shot glasses. After you have done this, play your actions and gamble. After every action, take a shot and then carry further. Since there are so many barware gifts you can buy, this one won’t disappoint you a bit.

Hammer Shot – Exciting Party Drinking Game


Do you love games that require drinking and activities followed by dares and truths? Well, if you love the sound of these words, why not buy a hammer shot drinking game. If you already know what hammer shots are, you are in for a treat. What you have to do with the hammer shot drinking game is fill the shot glass that comes with this gift, and place it on the section of the set. Alongside that, you will find the hammer and the hitting base. 

Hit the hammer and see till where the ball reaches. And with the ball reaching a certain limit, do what the bar says. Yes, there are several forms of dare written on the vertical bar. While there are so many barware gifts you can buy, this will be a treat.

Ice Shots Glasses Silicon Tray

Don’t you love ice creams and the essence it brings over your tongue’s taste buds? Well, if that’s the case, you might want to experience vodka ice shots or even any shot for that matter. For such a purpose, you can buy a silicone tray in which you can pour the alcoholic beverage you already have and let it turn into an ice shot. With so many barware gifts you can buy, this proves to be one of the best amongst every other available around you. So, what are you thinking about? Get your tasting buds active and do not wait for even a second before buying this tray. Be a friend, gift it, and visit your friend on a regular basis to enjoy your own gift. Isn’t it smart and pranks? 

Final Thoughts

Running the show or buying some of the best presents require a lot of endless effort. If you are not up with the fashion and trends, we would recommend you to get your head around the entire practice. So, what you need to do is, whenever you hear about your friend building a bar at his or her place, contribute. Yes, you can make your contributions with coasters, ice boxes, shot glasses, roulettes and so many more. These will not only elate your friend but will also allow him or her to be ecstatic about the upcoming occasion. 

While there are quite a lot of barware gifts you can buy out there, go for those that can add to the experience and not affect it once and for all. Selecting barware is not only fussy but requires a lot of research. So, while buying from Geek Monkey if you want to research a bit on the reviews, fret not. The venture has the utmost strength of testimonials and flourishing product quality. Do, you do not have to think even once about how the product will be. What are you waiting for? From wine stoppers and hammer shot games to shot glasses, they have everything it takes to be the market leaders in India.