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A gift is blissful but a personalized one is a blessing. To add magnificence to an occasion or festival, gift exchanges play an integral part. This inherent characteristic of gifting has not been out recently but dates back to the ancient Egyptian era, and now continue across all continents and races, solely because this universal tradition speaks about love and belongingness. It is one of the most powerful rituals in conveying affection and consolidating relations. So, while the year is about to end, buy personalized gifts with Geek Monkey today, and don’t shy away a bit.

In the modern world, a number of occasions like religious festivals, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, house-warming, etc. display emptiness without the exchange of gifts. No matter what your faith, language, or race, a gift is bound to bring cheer to every soul. Despite the multitude of people and their gifting preferences, gifts add value to the intention of spreading happiness. And if the gifting option is personalized, the jubilation experienced by the recipient is beyond boundaries.

Understanding the fervor and the intense feeling that a customized memento creates and to add joy to your gifting requirement, Geek Monkey offers a wide range of personalized gifting mementos that are ready for you to grab this winter season. A gift to your parents, your spouse, your relatives or friends and be ready to get a little bit of pampering in return, like never before.

Get a glimpse of our personalized gifts ranges as under, ready to be delivered to your door-step. Get going, login to and place your order before they run out of stock.

3D Selfie Custom Bobblehead Replica Doll

Welcome to self-obsession. And why not, each and every individual is unique and this 3D replica doll is a statement to that effect. This shaking head customized doll is an item that is certainly enough to bring cheer to its recipient, the original person, and will surely be a favorite memory for a lifetime. 

The bobble-head doll stands up to 7-8 inches in height, hand-painted, and made from a bio-degradable polymer called Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) which you can derive from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane making it completely safe and durable. 

Along-with the order send 3-4 pictures from all angles, of the person to be replicated in a caricature form. Since it’s a customized article, it may take 6-8 weeks to deliver, so place your orders well in advance. So, what are you waiting for? Buy personalized gifts with Geek Monkey today. Gift it to all, on every occasion.

Chooda Cover for the Bride

A wedding is an occasion which creates a load-full of memories, both for the bride and the groom. The day, loaded with lots of unforgettable moments is a rendezvous of customs and rituals; the wearing of chooda being one of the more important ones and holds a special place for the bride. But be very careful of keeping it in seclusion from the bride as she must not have a glimpse of it before her wedding day. And what better way than keeping it in hiding in customized chooda covers. Geek Monkey is proud to offer you unique chooda covers that they make with high-quality superfine fabric and customized as per the bride’s apparel and fully complementing the elegance of the bride. After the wedding ceremony is over, use the cover to store your chooda.

Customized Photo Puzzle

Make your memories playful with Geek Monkey’s customized photo puzzle. Give us your best and favorite picture and we shall divide it into multiple pieces and convert them into a jigsaw puzzle for you. Whenever you are in a mood for a joyful and recreating activity, just dismantle and rearrange your memorable moment over and over again. Choose a heart-shaped romantic memento for the love of your life or a rectangular one for other loved ones. Being a customized article, please give us 10 days to deliver it to you. Since this is one of the best, buy personalized gifts with Geek Monkey right away.

Along-with your valued order, send us a picture you wish to convert into a puzzle.

Customized String Art

Creativity has no boundaries and you can characterize it in various forms, string art being one of them. String art can create photo-realistic artwork, no wonder people call it poetry with thread. All that you require to make a masterpiece is a wooden board, nails, and colorful strings. Just give us your idea or a picture and we will convert it into a customized one. Also, an artistic piece of memento for you or your loved ones.

To own or gift this unique article, you just need to place the order with us along with your idea or picture. And, our representative will reach out to you to understand your requirement and its conversion into a memorable customized memento. It is available in two sizes of 30 and 40 cms.

Customized Pencil Sketch

As humans, it is our inherent nature of being extremely desirous of unique presents and gifts. Gifts that are distinctive and relatable play an important role in our lives. And if the gift article is there for customization, it surely is special for life. Geek Monkey brings to you a ‘customized pencil sketch’, quirky and personalized gifting present for your family or friends. Just send us the picture and our sketch will do the job. As the sketch is hand-made, we require 7-10 business days to deliver.

Be the reason for everyone to remember and make every admire with gratitude. You owe it to people around you, so buy personalized gifts with Geek Monkey today and make their lives a better place. Also, don’t forget to get it personalized a bit by adding convenience and strength through some of the best videos from YouTube.