11 Gift Ideas For Fiance

The festival season may have taken a break for a while but the festivities haven’t. With the end of Diwali and other festivals, marriages have taken charge of the celebrations that will continue into the New Year. as a result, it is quite important to think of some of the best presents for the would-be couple you know. Moreover, if you are going to marry soon, there are the best gift ideas for fiance you must come to terms with.

Marriage occasions are times when love is all around in the air and this aura has been existent for thousands of years all across the world and faiths. Being culturally and legally recognized union of two individuals, it is large enough to establish their rights and obligations towards each other for a new beginning. While a lot of activities happen for a marriage to culminate, the reasons behind the occasion, the would-be husband and wife are temporarily exiled and left-out in the wanting due to celebratory preparations and other related activities, not realizing their desires and excitement.

Dear love-birds worry not. Geek Monkey identifies such kinds of circumstances faced by the couples and understands their demands on the occasion. To overcome this transient hardship and to sail through it easily, we suggest you as below, a few of our gifting options from our inexhaustible range, for your fiancé. Do remember that gift exchanges between fiancés are not only an expression of love but also promise a consolidated relationship. After all, you are gifting the one who has unconditionally pledged to support and love you, for life.

Together Forever | Custom Couple Clock

This Customized Couple Clock has been specifically developed for the soon to be newly-weds. This article is intended for all the couples who complement each other just like Aaloo & Gobhi and Samosa & Chutney. To give it a personalized and surprise touch, just send us your memorable photo with your fiancé with a mention of your favorite food combo or as mentioned above and we will customize it for you to treasure it. Let love blossom on the wall. So, have you thought about some of the best gift ideas for fiance yet?

Candidly Classy Real Flower Earrings

Nature has a language that is loaded with affection and understood very well by one & all. Speak out your love to your woman with this unique pair of earrings having real flowers dried and implanted in them. The earrings distinctively capture nature giving it an ornate appeal. Go ahead, gift nature with love to your better half.

Me Mini Me – 3D Custom Clone Dolls

There is nothing more engaging and more soothing than a customized gift for the love of your life. Geek Monkey’s Clone Doll is an animated sculpture of you and your beloved and truly falls in the category of one of the most adorable mementos. Just send in a few of your pictures from all angles to be assimilated in the article and we shall do the rest. As the doll is completely handmade, it may take 4-5 weeks to deliver and the accuracy level may not exceed 70-80%.

Customized String Art in India

An artistic interpretation translated on a board with nails and colorful threads are what customized string art is modestly called. It is indeed a creative medium to express your emotions to your fiancé or spouse. Just give us an idea of a design or message and we’ll imagine a personalize it for you in an artwork pattern of your choice. This handwork masterpiece will take 3-4 weeks to deliver, so order well in advance. Getting married soon enough? Get this one for him or her as it falls under the best gift ideas for fiance.

Personalized Square Tile Decor

Geek Monkey presents another customized and quirky, out of the box gifting article for your beloved partner, the “Personalized Décor Tile”. It is a distinctive medium to capture your favorite moment in an amazing manner. Just send us your memorabilia and we’ll customize it in a 4” x 4” tile accompanied by an elegant black stand to hold it stylishly on your side table or work station.

Heart to Heart Led Light Box

Express your love with simplicity with this stunning Heart Shaped LED Light Box. Add joy to the romantic atmosphere with this intelligible memento for your beloved. Create a romantic impression for life through this heart box. Adorn it on the wall or place it on your side table for pleasing and relaxing moments. Battery-powered LED box is free from those messy and tangling cords and can be used freely anywhere.

Women Wallet

It’s a thing that no woman can live without. A cardholder and wallet made of pure PU leather is an item that is handy yet high on utility. It is a lifeline for all the women on the go. Ideally sized with spacious compartments for your cards and currency, the wallet is a true companion of every female. Makes for an ideal gift for your fiancé/wife on almost all occasions.

Sound Byte – Personalized Audio & Photo Gift Hamper 

Worried about choosing a gift for your fiancé? Worry not with Geek Monkey’s personalized offering of an audio and photo gift hamper. The hardcover of the hamper has your personalized picture and the compartment under it has sufficient space to fill with chocolates for your love. It is also equipped with a mini speaker that plays your recorded message when the cover is opened. Convey your love in style.

Cupid Wall Lamp

Love conquers all, is what this Cupid wall clock symbolizes. This angelic memento is a highlight of pure love and is a complementing gift for your fiancé. Light up the surroundings in its warm light with a cute angel playing music on the violin while seated on the ring of the lamp. Go ahead and make your beloved’s day with this unique gift.

Shiva Rudraksh Bracelet 

Rudraksh, the seed of prayer and passion is every woman’s desirous gift for her man. It is the Lord’s blessings and possesses various treatment properties benefitting in health and mental order. When stress plays an inherent role in our lifestyle, a divine blessing is all that is required to bring relief, and it is what this bracelet is designed to deliver. The rudraksh metal bracelet is intended to refresh and rejuvenate. Experience spirituality in Om and Lord Shiva’s Damru on the bracelet. Since these gifts are one of the best gift ideas for fiance, you ought to think twice. You either buy the best or think of making it special for him or her