Gifts For Kids This New Year

Here’s wishing all our patrons, our valued shoppers, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hoping with the hope that the year going by will bid us farewell on a positive note and rid us of a nightmare called COVID-19. We pray for all the departed souls and for the well-being of all who have been affected by the pandemic. ‘Life must go on’ and it is this philosophy that keeps us motivated and going. To bid farewell to the year that never was and to welcome new dawn in the upcoming year, we at Geek Monkey have geared up in the foot-steps of Santa Claus with a wide variety of gifting options for the kids, our future generation. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best gifts for kids this new year and make it special for all of them.

A kid is our reflection and reminds us of all our memorable moments of childhood and motivates us to relive our years gone-by. Having a child is a blessing but with responsibility. We need to nurture them with love and guidance, and what better way than presenting them with gifts and toys which they can relate to and grow up developing their skills with. A few gifting options for kids are showcased under your reference assuring you of quality and value for money.

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Super Hero Coin Bank

Let your child’s superheroes take charge of securing his savings. Marvel’s Super Warrior Coin Bank is a gift that all the kids long for and it makes for their great collection. Not only it enables the kids to develop a savings habit, it also acts as a great companion during leisure times. In the company of his Avenger guardian, the child is sure to feel safe and cheerful. Do not worry about the safety of your child, the coin box is made of high-quality polymer and is absolutely safe. Get one now and make your child’s day.

Break a Leg-Iron Man Dance Robot

The Iron Man Dancing Robot is another desirous present for your kid. Iron man, the savior is an amalgamation of power and intelligence and infuses the power of wisdom and intellect in a growing-up kid. The brave character also helps in motivating children to fight off challenges that life throws every now and then. It is indeed one of those play tools a child will always flaunt and treasure. Give your kid a companion and an ideal role model and watch him grow heroically. And the dancing warrior is entertaining too.

DIY Paint by Number Kit in India

If you are desirous of developing an artistic instinct in your kid, then this is what you had been waiting for. The painting was never as easy as it is with Geek Monkey’s Numbered Paint Kit. Just pick up the brush, follow the instructions as per the numbered assistance, and create magic with colors. Choose from a number of designs printed on a mounted canvas on a wooden frame with marked numbers for easy assistance. Indeed a creative present for the kids to keep them away from cell phones and tabs. Isn’t this one of the best gifts for kids this new year.

The kit is available in different sizes of 30x40cms, 40x50cms, and 60x75cms. Pick as per your requirement and create a masterpiece.

Super Hero Water Bottle

For every parent, their child is a super-kid, and for every super child Geek Monkey proudly offers a range of super-heroes water bottles. The quenching flasks feature a number of every kid’s favorite warrior’s logo, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, and Flash to name a few. The insulated bottles have an outer cover of polypropylene, an inner flask of 500ml capacity made of stainless steel, which makes it healthy for all kinds of drinks and can also retain temperature levels for longer hours. They also have a unique leak-proof design and are equipped with a push-button that opens the cap with a flip makes it easy to drink your favorite drink without hassles. Choose from a number of pastel shades.

Harry Potter Theme Playing Cards

Harry Potter is one character that is common amongst all the kids across the world. Kids not only love Potter but also guise themselves as him during their playtimes. Keeping this in mind, Geek Monkey has specially developed ‘Harry Potter Playing Cards’ for all the Potter-heads. These playing cards are a great companion for kids during their leisure time with friends. All the parents who yearn for a sensitive and lovable character in their child will definitely go for this game card for their children. If you are looking up for these playing cards, know that this one is one of the gifts for kids this new year.

Lego Blocks Notebook Diary

Lego is another name the kids grow up with. The kids have always loved to play with Lego blocks and it has been one of the most prominent mediums in developing their creativity. Geek Monkey offers for all the growing up school-going minds, an indigenously designed Lego Blocks Notebook Diary to pen their stories, scribbling innovating ideas, or write childhood secrets.

The Silicone removable cover on the Lego design notebook makes it easy to clean when dirty and adds strength and durability as well. The colorful clipping latch adds a remarkable look to the detachable cover for you to create different looks each day.


Ever thought of buying something else for the kids? While buying these gifts for kids this new year, you can also check out some of the videos on YouTube to assist them. Such a gesture will surely bring an unknown emotion to the kids’ faces.