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Owning a house is every person’s dream. For the majority of the Indian population, it takes almost a lifetime to own a roof, big or small, doesn’t matter. Becoming a proud owner of a property is all it takes to achieve and celebrate. And when it comes to celebrating the affair, it takes nothing less than a grand party for family and friends. The event on entering a new house for the first time is called a house warming ceremony and traditionally termed as “Griha Pravesh” in India. It is an occasion for the hosts to hold a prayer meeting of thanks-giving to kick start the celebration. So, what are you thinking about? Shop house warming gifts with Geek Monkey.

Generally, house warming is a friendly and non-formal get-together of close family and friends and an occasion to showcase the newly acquired home to them. The hosts entertain their guests with food, drinks, and a musical program and in return, the guests are obliged to give befitting gifts to furnish the new home.

Shop House Warming Gifts With Geek Monkey

Moving on to an indispensable part of a celebration is the exchange of presents and gifts. The gift is indeed a precise medium of expressing love and belongingness and leaves a lasting impression on the recipient. It is also treasured as a reminder of your good wishes and blessings on the occasion.

To make your gift memorable, Geek Monkey brings to you a wide range of options to suit and compliment the occasion. Just logon to, select your choice according to the recipient, click on buy, and voila it’s done. We highlight below a few gifting from our range, for your reference.

String Art Name Plate

The sense of achievement running all over, of the proud owner of a newly acquired home, is something which calls for a grand party. There is nothing more delightful than being part of a house warming celebration of close relatives or friends because owning a house is an accomplishing experience of a life-time.

A successful feat of having a personal address without having a display of its proud owner’s name on the entrance is definitely incomplete. Do the needful, gift ‘String Art Name Plate’ to your loved one as a housewarming present. This handmade and personalized nameplate is intended to complement the humble abode of your loved one. The owner’s names written in acrylic on a brown customized walnut board and ornamented by flowers of choice and decorated by fairy lights will definitely add beauty to the property. Even though you have already planned on buying such a gift, but have you thought about how would it be for you to shop house warming gifts with Geek Monkey. It is one of the best experiences you will ever gather.

Magic Glow in Dark Bed-sheet

A newly built house requires things that add value to it, whether it be on the exterior or the interior. Geek Monkey’s unique offering of ‘Magic Glow Bed Sheet’ qualifies for an ideal furnishing present at a house-warming party. This exclusive piece of gifting article will add to the jubilation of the occasion.

The neon bed sheet glows when the lights are off creating a warm and vibrant atmosphere, thus changing the way bedrooms should look and appear like.

Globe Shaped Liquid Dispenser

A newly acquired home is where the heart is. Where the entire world resides. And what better way to compliment it with Geek Monkey’s unconventionally designed ‘Globe Shaped Beverage Dispenser’. It is an ideal option that suits a housewarming occasion. The dispenser flauntingly makes its way to the personal bar and/or the dining space at home. And has enough storage capacity to take care of your get-togethers at home. Store and dispense your favorite beverages at home or even carry it on outings and picnics. Made of food-grade material, the dispenser is safe for all kinds of drinks. While you shop house warming gifts with Geek Monkey, know that the website offers some of the best experiences you will ever gather when it comes to gifting options.

Dual Hanging Reindeer Wall Clock

A new home requires a good dressing. Geek Monkey has in store for you an exquisite offering for the proud new owners of a home, ‘Rein-Deer Wall Clock’. Its artistic design is enough to describe its elegance and beauty. It is indeed every wall’s desire to adorn and an apt gifting memento on a house-warming affair. The clock is an exhibition of elegance and a memorable option for all gifting requirements.

This designer singing wall clock not only beautifies the wall, but it also adds an ornamental look to the room.

Customized Pencil Sketch

If you are desirous of gifting memorabilia to your friend or relative, get this unique and personalized article. The ‘Customized Pencil Sketch’ is ideal for your loved one and makes for an ultimate gift. So, aren’t you excited about making this house-warming occasion a great one? Your distinctive approach in choosing this item will definitely be a space for appreciation by the recipient.

Just send us a picture of the person and we shall do the needful by sketching it. As it is a customized article, we request you to give us 7-10 working days for us to deliver at your door-step. So, get ready for some amazing and worthwhile house warming treats. Shop house warming gifts with Geek Monkey and bring home some of the fantastic presents for the home’s new owners. If you are waiting for some other ideas to pop in, save a video or two on YouTube, and educate your creative self to bring the best. It is one of the best things you can do to add a personalized touch to the entire gift. So, what are you waiting for? Get going and make this Christmas end better for everyone living under the new roof.