Unique Christmas Gifts in 2020

The countdown to the biggest Carnival on the planet has begun. Get ready for the greatest show on Earth. Celebration of birth can never be as glorious and magnificent as Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. Primarily a Christian observance on the 25th of December every year, but in the present times, it no longer remains a religious occasion. It has turned into a worldwide cultural and economic event amongst billions of people around the world, across all faiths spanning over a week beginning on the Eve and into the New Year. so, what are you waiting for? Buy these unique Christmas gifts in 2020.

Although there may be a conflict in the Christian world about the exact date of birth of Jesus Christ, the belief that God sent His son in the form of a human for reparation for the sins of human-kind is universal and people consider it to be central in celebrating Christmas.

The traditional customs associated across nations may vary, but the most popular and contemporary customs shared by one and all is the decoration of Christmas trees, savoring special meals with family and friends, and last but not the least; gift exchanges. The Christmas gifting started in the 4th century AD which had a prime motive of building up a stronger and prosperous society through community interactions and commercial activities. The same continues even on a date.

Do not forget Geek Monkey for all your gifting requirements. We have fully geared up for the biggest season ahead and are proud to offer an inexhaustive range of gifting options that truly deserve your patronage. Below is a highlight of our range for an idea and reference. We urge you to start your preparations to avoid a last-minute rush before your favorite gifts are sold out.

Personalized Timeless Calendar 


A magnanimous occasion deserves a magnificent present. And what better than a personalized timeless calendar from the house of Geek Monkey. This customized memento is specially developed for the festive season to gift to your loved ones; your family and friends. Share your moment in a picture for years to come. Give us your momentous picture to be printed directly onto the wooden calendar and enjoy the memorabilia till eternity because the calendar is designed to last a lifetime by manually moving the ring for changing the dates, months, and years.

The calendar comes with a beautiful wooden base so that it can be placed almost anywhere; living room, bedroom, work station, or study desk. It is also available with and without a clock. So, get this one of the most unique Christmas gifts in 2020 and make the end of the year more special than normal.

Sound Bytes – Personalized Audio & Photo Hamper

Sound byte is another customized memento from the house of Geek Monkey. It is another exemplary gifting option for your loved ones, this Christmas. Nothing less than this would suffice on Christmas because your special souls truly demand a special present on this special occasion. Sound byte is a customized audio and photo gift hamper that has your personalized picture on the hardcover on the front and inside which there is ample space to fill it with chocolates or anything that you desire. There is a mini speaker that plays your recorded message whenever the cover is opened. This gift is intended to bring cheer to the recipient and will be a prized possession, definitely.

Wine Dispenser – Cocktail Shaker

A celebration without a drink session is something unimaginable and undesirable. It seems like a compromise on the part of fun and excitement, thus leading to an atmosphere of dullness and boredom. Leave your worries to us and enjoy your Christmas like never before with Geek Monkey’s Fire Extinguisher designed Cocktail Shaker and Dispenser. Knock out your guests with this innovative masterpiece. It is truly a delight for all drink lovers. Just add it to your bar collection and get the party going. Made of food-grade material and having a capacity of 2 liters, the dispenser is adequate for a personal gathering and family outings. You can use it freely for all other kinds of liquid refreshments as well.

To dispense your favorite drink, just shake it up, activate the pump, and pour out. It is that simple. So what are you waiting for? Buy this one of the best unique Christmas gifts in 2020 and leave a worthwhile mark.

Customized Moon Lamp

Make this Christmas memorable with Geek Monkey’s Customized Moon Lamp. Because a present needs to be a proud possession and that is what Geek Monkey does to provide you. It is our endeavor to deliver you with the best quality gift items for all occasions and at the most affordable rates. Moon Lamp is one such gifting option that is truly awe-inspiring.

The lamp is customized with a 3D printing of the picture/image on it, as provided by you, and is accompanied by a stylish wooden stand on which it stands.

Gift it to your family members and friends and lighten up their festivities this Christmas. And if you are thinking otherwise, don’t fret much. Some of the best unique Christmas gifts in 2020 are here. And, if you have some doubts. Watch videos on YouTube to get essential ideas to assist these gifts. You can also order some delicious food from online platforms as well. In the end, know that the festival is about the homecoming of happiness. You not only deserve happiness but also live for it at the end of the day. So, do not hesitate. Get these gifts for yourself and family members and celebrate to the fullest with them. That is because happiness has meaning when shared with people.