Best Gifts for the New Year

2020 has been an indifferent year not only for civilians but vendors as well. With so many limitations and complications making their way into our lives, it has become a known habit for us. That is the sole reason why we want the new year to come as soon as possible. And, when it comes to parties being planned for the turn of a new year, it is essential to know that they come with their parts and parcels. So, what are you waiting for? It is the right time to plan for some of the best gifts for the New Year.

Oftentimes, we think of having a piece of our own time, but during the course of life, we tend to forget its embarkment. Well, this new year, you can change that and make the most of your celebrations. Everyone wants to make 2020 a history, isn’t it? If you are planning a bash or a birthday party near the new year, Christmas, or around the last week, look nowhere else than Geek Monkey’s New Year collection.

From gifts for parents, youth, and kiddos to decor items, they have got them all. And, when it comes to the quality, fret not. As individuals, it is quite important to take note of simple things like the taste of somebody else’s choice and what people would like to have. If you have already visited their website, you will know what to expect when it comes to their product and service quality. With the unlock regulations playing a vital part in today’s date, you will not face any lockdown or delivery difficulties. All you have to do is check the website, go to the new year section, and select a gift or two for yourself or your friends and family.

Super Hero Bottle | Flask for Water

This century has always been about superheroes. From toddlers and young kids to teenagers and oldies, everyone is fond of Marvel and DC. Not only do people spend a lot of money on action figures but they express their love for them through several kinds and forms of merchandise. Some might get inspired by their character theme and some might just fall in love with their powers. As a result, it might be your time to go for superhero bottles irrespective of DC or Marvels. Know your personality and make use of the bottle you always wanted to select for yourself. Not to forget – these are one of the best gifts for the New Year.

These bottles have all the primary heroes you can think of from the comics. From Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman to even Flash, there is so much to think and boast about. The bottles also feature a push-button, which tends to flip open the cap. Such a feature makes it easier to drink. These bottles are also available in pastel shades, hero logos, has a unique and distinctive design, and retains temperature for extended durations. Moreover, they are suitable for home, travel, and office use.

Fire Extinguisher – Cocktail Shaker and Wine Dispenser

New Year is an occasion but for many, it has been a long time coming sort of an event. Everyone wants it to end as soon as possible. Carrying and maintaining several kinds and forms of beverage bottles can often land you in disarray. Your cocktail drinks might be the ones that may experience spills. For such events and parties, you may bring home an astonishing cocktail shaker and wine dispenser. If you have a bar collection, add this one as soon as possible. People coming over your place will only be bamboozled with such a collection and piece, isn’t it? This is one of the best gifts for the new year, indeed.

The wine dispenser has an enormous reservoir space inside where you can simply add cocktail ingredients, mix well, shake, and then serve your pumping crowd. The product is made with worthwhile and robust food-grade material, which is safe to use and keeps the beverage fresh at all times. This is a smaller version of the reservoir that you can store at home and wait for the new year bash to turn up its screws. Furthermore, the wine dispenser is suitable for beer, red wine, vodka, whiskey, and can use widely in hotels, bars, KTV, tea houses, with family, and so on and so forth.

Timeless Love – Dadu Dadi Figurine

Who does not like their grandparents? Indian culture has a lot to deliver when it comes to respecting parents and grandparents. If your parents have been hard on you at times, being strict, and scold you oftentimes, they are there to comfort you and scold your parents in return. Moreover, whenever the festive season arrives, they are the first ones to present you with a worthwhile gift. So, this new year, it might be time for you to gift them what they require. This is the perfect time to convey your gratitude and love towards them.

This timeless love figurine will hold a piece of their heart together, while they are together. The statues of the figurine are made with polyresin material and have legs made of white ropes. You can simply gift your grandparents this figurine and express your love towards them. You can place them on shelves or a desk where you tend to work. 

And, if you are having thoughts of buying new presents along with this, you can certainly get a tray of snacks or dinner-centric recipes from Swiggy or any other site. All you have to do is buy these best gifts for the new year and make the lives of your loved oneness a worthwhile ride or joy. So, what are you waiting for people? Shop before they get out of stock.