Celebrate Navaratri With Geek Monkey

Navaratri the nine days of fasting and celebrations prompts the festive season and gets the month-long celebrations going. Though the festival may be associated with the Hindu faith, it gets equally enjoyed and celebrated by followers of other religions as well. Navaratri gets also called the post-monsoon autumn festival because it marks the beginning of winters ahead. What can be better to celebrate Navaratri with Geek Monkey? 

The nine days festival is also a major cultural event that involves the designing of stages & pandals and public participation in various cultural activities and folk dances of different regions.

The eastern part of India observes it as Durga Puja Festival with a huge display of pandals loaded with a wide variety of Bengali sweets and cuisines, the north observes it as Ramlila and culminates with the burning of Ravana’s and other demon character’s effigies and the west does it in a musical style, dancing to the tunes of Garba. But the common theme across the nation is the victory of good over evil. Whatever the traditions and rituals in Navaratri celebrations, people across the nation consider it uniformly as one of the most auspicious time to begin their educational or artistic pursuits and business ventures.

This Navaratri let us all begin a new journey of enlightenment and salvation and start afresh our journey into life with a resolution to improve and build better relations and the world around us. Let us all sail through the hard times the world is facing with the support of each other.

In this quest of making the world a better place, do not forget to remember your loved ones this coming festive season with Geek Monkey mementos. A peek into our exhaustive range is as below for your reference.

S460 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

The sound of music was never so enthralling before. Geek Monkey brings to you an ergonomically designed Bluetooth headphone for all your musical requirements. The wireless headgear gives you freedom from tangling cords and is just 300 grams in weight to give you a comforting experience all day long. Now enjoy your rock, jazz, or classical music like never before. It also gets loaded with a built-in mic for use with your mobile phone as well. 

The rechargeable headset has a battery backup to give you pleasure the entire day without the tension of it draining out mid-way. Do not settle for anything less than s460 headphone which gets ably supported by its economical pricing. So, celebrate Navaratri with Geek Monkey and bring home this auspicious gift.

Shiva Rudraksh Bracelet 

Rudraksh, the seed of prayer and passion gets destined to create a balance between human beings and nature. The beads of rudraksh have a divine association with Lord Shiva and thus possess various pharmacological properties benefitting humans in their health and mental order. Wearing rudraksh helps in preventing and curing a number of ailments such as inflammation, hypertension, asthma, epilepsy, mental illness, etc.

In the present times where stress is an inherent part of our lifestyle, a stress-buster is all that gets required to bring relief, and what better than a rudraksh bracelet to purify and bless, both the body and soul. This unique fashion offering from geek Monkey, the rudraksh seeds embedded in a metal bracelet will definitely help you refresh and rejuvenate. The combination of Om and Lord Shiva’s Damru on the bracelet design assures you of a spiritual experience. 

Desk Foot Hammock

God gifted us feet to explore the world. If it weren’t for them we would have been staying put in one place just like the trees and mountains. Undoubtedly the feet are one of the biggest blessings accorded to us by our Creator. They carry our weight, take us places, and keep us healthy and fit. In return, they certainly deserve some rest and pampering in return. 

Geek Monkey proudly brings to you a swinging platform, a Desk Foot Hammock, to rest your feet. It is truly a blissful offering for the carrier of your body. Just tie the adjustable ropes. And, the attachment rings to both sides of your desk or table and relax and rejuvenate. What are you waiting for? Celebrate Navaratri with Geek Monkey and get home this desk foot hammock right away.

650 ml Lemon Juicer and Infuser Water Bottle

The 650ml citrus juicer cum water bottle is just what the travelers and the gym freaks prayed for. Geek Monkey presents to you a rare combination to quench your thirst buds. The bottle gets designed to store water for you and also provide you with fresh juice, anytime and anywhere. The food-grade plastic and stainless steel material used in its making are sure enough to provide you both with hygiene and durability. The compact design and size make it an ideal partner for everyone on the move.

Luminous LED Mug – Heart Shape – Quirky & Magical

It is a quirky gift by nature and a fun sipper by design. The battery-operated glowing LED mug is also an object of desire article by all party lovers. The luminous mug not only adds charm to your drink but also helps you identify it from a distance. To make the mug glow, just pour any liquid into it and see the bottom illuminate with beautiful dazzling lights. Made from high-quality food-grade plastic, this unique heart-shaped mug makes it cute and lovable and makes for an ideal gift for your loved ones. They have developed the gift so that you can use it freely for all kinds of soft and hard drinks. 

This article comes in a 200ml capacity and you can use it for drinks under 80 degrees temperature. So, celebrate Navaratri with Geek Monkey and bring home some of the best gifts there are. Moreover, you can also watch some of the best videos on the net to assist your gift collection.