Freaky Gifts From Geek Monkey 

Freaking out with friends and colleagues is always on the cards and the most desirable option when it comes to choosing an outing or a vacation. The mere thought of a gang gathering is enough to send goose-bumps in sheer excitement. Also, don’t forget to check out the best freaky gifts from Geek Monkey.

But make no mistake, the get-together or a vacation is incomplete without the exchange of gifts. And if they are out of the ordinary and offbeat in nature, it will definitely complement the occasion. Sometimes it gets very strenuous finding or choosing one. Worry not, we at Geek Monkey are always in a continuous process of developing an exhaustive range of gifting solutions for our shoppers every need. It is the love and patronage of our valued clientele that has always kept us going. And that too, in serving them with a unique and exceptional range of gift products.

We are proud to offer a variety of innovative and unusual gifting deals for all the fun-loving community. Unusual and quirky gifts qualify in bringing about a joyous and surprise element, both to the giver and the recipient. Our main focus is to keep all our esteemed customers in tune with the current trends and tastes. Along-with we also seek to satisfy our clients in terms of both quality and value.

Let not pricing concerns bother you, Geek Monkey offers a range that suits all budgets. Our motto of ‘customer satisfaction’ solely accounts for your patronage and support and is the main reason behind our success story.

Come and be our guest again, visit us at and choose your gift from our inexhaustible range of quirky items for your friends.

Shown below are a few picks from our unusual range for your ready-reference.

Extinguisher Shaped Wine Dispenser cum Cocktail Shaker

Specially designed for the freaky party animals, this unconventional gift item is another one of our best sellers. Geek Monkey pledges towards providing you out of the box options and the unique combination of a dispenser and shaker also takes care of its value for money due to its multi-utility aspect. Throw a party and knock out all your guests. 

Add it to your bar collection or gift it to your friends, it will surely enhance the look of the bar. Use it for all kinds of beverages and spirits. It has a good enough capacity of 2 liters to take care of your gatherings and outings. The dispenser gets made from high-quality food-grade material and is safe for all kinds of drinks. Doesn’t it sound too interesting to ignore? Well, this one if the best freaky gifts from Geek Monkey that you can’t ignore.

Shots of Joy | Skull Shaped Shot Glass Set 

The looks, the design is crazy indeed and an apt companion for the freaky drinkers. The skull-shaped shot glasses bind to create an atmosphere of joy and merriment. A drink rendezvous is incomplete without these glasses. Made of borosilicate glass material, the shot glasses are not only durable and shock-resistant but also compliment your personal glass-ware bar collection. We at Geek Monkey are constantly working towards bringing you joy in abundance and assure you of crazy moments with your friends and drink partners.

But beware of jealous souls, who do not possess them; instead, gift them a set of these glasses and show your love and concern for them. They too need to be given a chance to flaunt this prized possession.

Insulated Thermal Sipper

The best form of travel is traveling light and the priority of every traveling person to carry very limited baggage gave us the inspiration to develop a desirable travel partner; sleek and portable Insulated Travel Bottle. Carrying a bottle is an undesirable companion even for everyone at large but this unique and stylishly designed sipper will not only find space in your bags but will also prove to be a much-desired travel partner. 

This exclusively designed article gets made of high-quality metal for durability is thermally insulated as well to maintain the temperatures of your beverages, hot or cold. It is truly a well thought out creation to cater to your daily requirements without giving you the additional burden of carrying it. Buy it before it vanishes from the stocks. This present is one of the best freaky gifts from Geek Monkey. So, do not forget to check the gift out.

WTF Did You Say Playing Cards

An indoor gaming option in the comfort of your homes, that beats all other activities quite convincingly is a deck of playing cards. But in large gatherings of friends or relatives, it tends to succumb to its limitation of having only 52 cards in the pack, too less a number for many players. Now you do not have a reason to worry. Geek Monkey brings to you “King” of all card games, ’WTF Did You Say’. This card game is absolutely outrageous and adventurous as well. The WTF Deck is a set of 594 cards with 108 Red Rule Cards and 486 White Cards. Isn’t this exactly what you were waiting for large gatherings?

The card game can accommodate up to 17 players at a time. The card game is pretty simple which can be played easily as per the instructions provided in the game set.

Next time you arrange a gathering of family or friends, we recommend you to party harder with ‘WTF Did You Say Playing Cards’. Looking to check out some of the best freaky gifts from Geek Monkey? Get them today from Geek Monkey and don’t forget to watch some of the best video clips on Youtube to assist your gifts. It is completely worth it when you go all out to buy the best gifts.