6 Best Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch

6 Best Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch

Netflix has something for everybody. This platform is truly a gift to all of us. But there are so many that you can easily get confused. Here is our guide to help you avoid the mediocre ones and find the best shows to watch. We’re still trying to pick out the less obvious gems, so we’re sure that you’re going to find a must-watch show that you don’t already recognize.

That said, if nothing catches your imagination, for more choices, try our picks of the best Netflix documentaries and films. And if you’ve finished Netflix already and need a new challenge, try our guides to the best Disney+ movies and the best Disney+ series.

  1. Challenger: The final flight

Challenger The Final Flight

The Challenger space shuttle experienced a complete tragedy in 1986, breaking up 73 seconds after launch and destroying all seven-crew staff on board. The disaster reshaped the program for space. The crew’s surviving family painted a picture of the astronauts in this four-part series, which was one of the most diverse crews ever produced and included school teacher Christa McAuliffe, who was selected to be the first private citizen in space. The series retells the tragedy and dives into the chain of technical problems and decision-making, speaking to former Nasa engineers and administrators who operated on the mission before the launch and raised safety concerns.

  1. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum NETFLIX

Gloriously rude, amusing and uncomfortable, Chewing Gum is. The comedy series was produced and started by Michaela Coel, the creative force behind I Could Kill You, and is followed by Tracey, a young black Londoner who wants to escape her Christian upbringing and lose her virginity. A funny but often cringe-inducing zip through the chaos of young adulthood is what results.

  1. Orphan Black

Orphan Black Netflix

Looking for Netflix’s Secret Gem? Look no further than Black’s Orphan. After an Emmy victory for leading actress Tatiana Maslany in 2016, the sci-fi drama rose in popularity but never quite cracked the mainstream fandom like Black Mirror and Doctor Who did. Outsider and orphan Sarah Manning (Maslany) assume her identity after witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks exactly like her. But soon she uncovers a plot which is going to haunt her life and determine her future. Without spoiling the storey entirely, it’s hard to describe Maslany ‘s powerful performance(s), but it’s one of the most interesting and impressive turns in science fiction TV. Although sometimes with plot devices and characters a little out there, especially in the later seasons, Orphan Black is a great watch for any sci-fi fan who craves great female-led drama and comedy.

  1. Chef’s Table

Chef's Table netflix

When you’re hungry, don’t watch this. Every episode of this mouth-watering series goes into one of the top chefs’ kitchens in the world.  And they look beyond their creations. The Chef’s Table is the ideal place to get inspired and excited about food. Since restaurants only open in small ways due to the pandemic. What’s more, there are six seasons in which you can get your teeth stuck. Sean Brock is committed to reviving lost spices. Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini is trying to change how the world matters about meat. Also, the entire fourth season is dedicated to pastry. So, if you have a sweet tooth, this is it!

  1. High Score

High Score

Gaming has developed to be a massive industry with leading titles that have cost tens of millions to create and manufacture, but it began with modest beginnings. The backstories of some of the most beloved gaming legends are charted in this mini-series. Episodes cover the past of video game violence, looking at the development of Street Fighter and Mortal Combat, how with the aid of Sonic, Sega flourished and the rise of Nintendo, which began as a Japanese playcard corporation. Expect all your favourite game characters, along with the added benefit that contributed to their life from the human stories.

  1. Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset Netflix

It feels like Selling Sunset comes straight from another world, let alone from another age. The reality TV show follows the unlikely glamorous staff of the real-world LA estate agent company -The Oppenheim Group. This is done as they attempt to flog one percent of multimillion-dollar properties. Customers whine about not having room to store their 12 cars in the world of Selling Sunset. And  the agents spin the most minor barbs into season-long feuds. In an event, one agent scoffed at the provenance of the engagement ring of another. This was sufficient to provide two full drama seasons. But conventional rules don’t apply in Selling Sunset. Where everything is bad and capitalism is the only guiding light. You’re going to hate it, and you’ll love it.

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