Celebrate Dussehra With Geek Monkey

Display of colorful and huge pandals with mouth-watering Bengali sweets and dishes coupled with limitless energy with the vigor of festivities in the East; the colorful folk-dance ‘Garba’ performed the whole night for nine days, also known as ‘Navratras’ in the West; or spectacular Ramlilas, the ever lively and entertaining events outlining ‘Ramayana’ traditions on the stage in the North; Dussehra gets celebrated in its own glory and grandeur all over. This year, celebrate Dussehra with Geek Monkey with some of the best gifting options available on the website.

Also known as Vijayadashami, people observe and celebrate this day differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. In the southern and eastern states, Vijayadashami remembers Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishasura, and in the northern and western states, the festival gets called Dussehra and marks the end of Ravan at the hands of Lord Rama. Whatever way it may be observed according to regional rituals and customs, it has a common message of ‘Victory of Good over Evil’.

The Significance of Dussehra

Dussehra also kick-starts the preparation for Diwali, the biggest and the most important festival of India, which is celebrated twenty days after Vijayadashami.

While every region observes and celebrates Dussehra in its own manner and style, it surely marks this day when all diverse communities come together on a single platform and flourish in unity.

This Dussehra let us all take a vow to kill all evils within and around us. Let us pledge to shed away our evil thoughts & designs and all evil actions. Let us all sail through victorious good as our Lord demands from us.

No doubt the festivities and celebrations tend to make us forgetful of important things. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about the exhibition and out-reach of love and affection. And what better than gifting mementos to all your loved souls. Geek Monkey offers an inexhaustible range to choose from, for all your gifting requirements, and not to forget that we are pocket friendly too.

Artsy Ganesha Statue | Peace and Harmony

The onset of festivities begins with Dussehra. Start your preparations with the Divine blessings of Lord Ganesha, the God of all beginnings, and an abolisher of all obstacles. Nothing starts without his mention. Just His presence is enough to instill inspiration into following a simple and easy life. Lord Ganesha is an institution of intellect and wisdom who leads us to a path of righteousness and teaches us how to overpower all defiance of life that confronts us.  

So what are you waiting for? This festive season brings home Geek Monkey’s Artsy Lord Ganesha, bring home a life-line, bring home redemption. Artistic creation and purely hand-made with a brick pattern effect, this artsy statue of Ganesha is a must possess article to be showered upon with good luck, fortune, and wisdom. Get for yourself and gift to your loved ones, blessings in the guise of Lord Ganesha. Celebrate Dussehra with Geek Monkey by buying such a traditional gift that everyone will adore. Remember, you are not just buying a Ganesh statue but a feeling.

Customized Colored Sketch

Do not make a mistake of just buying a gift for your near and dear ones. It needs to be a pride possession for the recipient which is cherished throughout life. Exhibit your thoughts, show your affection to your loving souls with this unique and thought-out gifting option from Geek Monkey; the ‘customized colored sketch’. Because nothing less than this will suffice.

Our Customized photo to colored sketch is an ideal gift to express your heartfelt emotions and makes it an ideal option for all occasions. Just send the required image to be converted to a sketch and we shall deliver it to you within 4-9 working days, depending upon your location.

Stamp Yo Face – Self Inking Personalized Stamp

In our endeavor to offer you unique and customized gifting options, we at Geek Monkey are always on the job working towards your contentment. ‘Self Inking Personalized Face Stamp’ is one such offering from us. Also, the beautifully illustrated face stamp makes for an ideal gift for your teachers, seniors, and colleagues at work, parents, and even for self. Sign off letters, stamp envelopes, and documents in the most distinctive style, ever. Furthermore, this self-inking stamp gets made digitally for the purposes of printing the best pictures of your choice.

You will always be remembered with a smile whenever the face-stamp is used by your loved recipient(s). We assure you this guarantee. As a result, get up and order now before it’s too late. Because it’s a personalized item, it might take around 10 days to deliver at your doorstep. So celebrate Dussehra with Geek Monkey with this beautiful personalized stamp.

Shining Stars LED Light Curtain

Light up your celebrations this festive season with Geek Monkey’s LED Light Curtain. Welcome your guests into your home under the magical LED string lights curtain comprising of 12 sparkling stars hanging by the wire, with just the amount of illumination required on the occasion. There are 8 flashing modes for a festive atmosphere.

The remote-controlled lights have a rating of IP-44 which makes it splash-proof and appropriate for outdoor use as well. So, decorate your windows, buildings, lawns, and gardens this coming season and flaunt it too, if you must.

The curtain lights make for a perfect decoration and gifting option this coming Dussehra, Diwali, and Christmas. Shop early before the stocks get sold out. Moreover, celebrate Dussehra with Geek Monkey, and don’t forget to watch some of the best videos on YouTube on coupling the gift with more emotions. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best Dussehra gifts with us to make the lives of your loved ones a worthwhile one.