Make in India with Geek Monkey

The ‘Make in India’ initiative, launched by Prime Minister Modi was a part of a nation-building initiative aimed at making India a global manufacturing hub. It was in response to the unfavorable situation of the lowest growth rate engulfing the nation. This initiative was also a call and an invitation to all citizens, business houses, and foreign partners to come forward and contribute their bit towards building the nation. And the biggest tool in the ‘Make In India’ movement was the replacement of outdated systems with transparent and user-friendly structures. The Prime Minister’s vision, based on the reforms agenda of previous governments, was primarily an appeal to fellow citizens to address serious gaps that were retarding India’s growth. So, Make in India with Geek Monkey and see everything completed and produced in your country. 

Make In India

It was a call for self-reliance with great emphasis on new globalization processes that ought to be human-driven. Make in India was shaping into a turn-around but then Corona happened. Nevertheless, situations come and go, but the enthusiasm should never die, and it never will. India being a nation of young blood, has all the possibilities to restructure the framework of globalization. India can still play a prominent role as a key supplier of global products provided the nation supports the movement and campaigns for ‘Be Indian Buy Indian’ products. We all need to look for ‘Made in India’ tags before buying any product. This simple approach, if followed, will immensely help the country rebuild its economy and become self-reliant, post Covid-19.

Let us all pledge to stand firmly with the government, do our bit in our contribution towards nation-building. Collectively we all need to create more and more awareness of the initiative to bring the nation out of the current pandemic and economic turmoil. Now is the time for all of us to be pro-active.

In support of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Buy Local’ movements, please adhere strictly to purchasing locally manufactured products and services. Let us all capitalize upon the opportunity and make India a force to reckon with.

We at Geek Monkey are working shoulder-to-shoulder with the national call and have been active for a long time in carrying forward the movement. All our products are indigenously designed and developed. It is our endeavor to offer you global quality at local rates. A glimpse of a few global standard gifting options is as under for your reference. ‘Truly Global’ is what we aspire to hear from you.

Personalized Glass Bottle with Silicon Cover


This customized glass bottle is specially designed for the health-conscious. Glass, amongst all materials, is the best carrier and storage of food items. In our quest to make it more appealing and durable, Geek Monkey has personalized it for you, your friends, and all your dear ones. Made of heatproof and dishwasher proof borosilicate glass, the bottle is beautifully complemented by its silicon cover on which you can get the desired name or a quote printed. Besides the ornamental look, the cover also provides an anti-slip surface for an extended bottle of life. Available in 550ml & 750ml capacity with Pink, Red, Orange, Grey, Black, and Purple color options. So select this Make in India with Geek Monkey gift right away.

Solar Powered Ganesha – Car Dashboard Gift

Be blessed while on the move with the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha. Begin your journey in the Lord’s company and be assured of safety all along. The presence of Lord Ganesha on the dashboard will keep you safe from all kinds of mishaps and untoward incidents. Never start anything without the mention of his name, be it your day or your journey. 

Geek Monkey brings to you this divine navigator, the solar-powered Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom and the remover of all obstacles, for your car dashboard. The solar-powered idol moves both its hands as and when light falls on the attached solar chip. Get three complimentary attachments that can be attached to the Lord’s hands. A great gifting idea with abundant blessings of the Lord.

Mann ki Baat – Table Lamp with Quotations 

Every one of us, as individuals, is a piece of the puzzle. You can either describe us as no less than words or simply put us in the space of quotations. That is because all of us tend to fill the space between spaces when it comes to describing ourselves. So, why not, we think of buying one of the presents that describe our personality in a unique way. However, if you are thinking of buying one such gift, then Mann Ki Baat table lamp by Geek Monkey would be the best option for you. The lamp comes with a wooden base and places a thought on its lampshade.

The lampshade has several designs that can vary from lines and thoughts by Fayyaz or Fair Ahmad Faiz. Moreover, you also have the options to choose from random dream definitions. The backgrounds of the entire lamp also have an artistic approach where they get painted and designed to give a soothing look. Also, it is essential to know that it is easy to assemble and use. So, go ahead and choose to Make in India with Geek Monkey.

Personalized Mother Nest Lamp

The love of a Mother is irreplaceable, undeniably strong, and unmatched. What you are in for is a joyful ride that not only lasts for a while but for long. The divine love of your mother ought to equate with the help of a beautiful present. You can dedicate it to her entire life. Although, a mere gift cannot justify the totality of her life for you. A significant specimen of selfless existence and an untiring soul, mothers give her life for their children. Express your love with the personalized mother nest lamp and convey your thoughts to her. 

Moreover, you can also watch some videos on YouTube to check out what you can couple these gifts with. So, what are you waiting for? Get the gifts rolling and make your mother feel loved and special. Order these gifts of Make in India with Geek Monkey.