Celebrate Karwa Chauth With Geek Monkey

Come October and begin the festivities. The countdowns of major Indian festivals begin with the onset of this month and Karva Chauth being one of them, falls exactly between Dussehra and Diwali. Also considered as one of the most important and pious festivals observed in Northern India; is mainly observed by married women for their husband’s good health and well being. This day the women also fast from dawn till the moon gets sighted after sunset. The fasting women within the community collectively sit together in a circle performing prayers and singing songs in praise of the Lord. This congregation of women praying together gets also celebrated as a special bonding of friendship amongst them. So, celebrate Karwa Chauth with geek monkey today. 

Lots of traditional dresses and jewelry shopping along-with puja and decorative items get done by the married women well in advance for the occasion. There is also no dearth of exchange of gifts on this occasion. Husbands and parents gift in abundance to their wives and married daughters respectively. Whatever regional rituals and customs associated with it, but one thing which is uniform in nature is that it reiterates the significance of womanhood in the Indian culture.

This Karwa Chauth, let us all take a vow to bring an end to the darkness that engulfs women around us irrespective of our relation with them or not. Pamper your mother, sisters, daughters, and spouse with your love and commitment. Also do not forget to shower your love and blessings with Geek Monkey gifts and mementos.

Personalized Square Tile | Custom Decor Gifts Idea


Geek Monkey, an arcade of quirky and out of the box gift items for all occasions and pockets brings to you “Personalized Décor Tile”, a unique medium to capture and highlight your favorite memory. Remember the most amazing moment you had with your beloved while on a vacation or an occasion that you would always like to cherish throughout life. This customized ceramic glazed tile lets you capture that very moment on it so that you are able to adore it, lifelong.

Indeed an unusual gift item to own or present to your loved one(s) on special occasions. Get your memory out of your cellphone or computer onto this personalized 4” x 4” tile. And, equip it with a black stand to hold and flaunt it on a side table or work station. With this square tile, you can simply celebrate Karwa Chauth right away.

Together Forever | Custom Couple Clock

If you and your spouse are in a relationship just as Aaloo is with Gobhi and Chai with Khari are ideal options. Also, fries with Ketchup, and Samosa with Chutney, then this Customized Together Forever Couple Clock is the gift item specifically made for you. You just need to send us your memorable photo with your spouse. And, mention your favorite food combo as mentioned above. Then we will customize it in its colorful background with the clock, for you to treasure it for a long time. Let love blossom again this Karwa Chauth with this ideal gift for the occasion. Decorate your wall with this 8” x 8” memento.

Me Mini Me – 3D Custom Clone Dolls

It is beyond doubt that there is nothing more relatable and heart-warming than a well-thought-out customized gift. And if it means for the love of your life, your spouse, then be ready to get pampered back in return. Geek Monkey brings to you a surprise item that you can gift this festive season. Express your love through our 3D Customized Clone Doll with an adorable and fun-sized mini model of your beloved. 

The handmade baby size sculpture makes for an ultimate gifting idea by everyone, for everyone, for all occasions. Just send in a couple of photos of the recipient from all angles. Also, send your expression note to get incorporated on the memento. As the doll is completely handmade, it offers an accuracy of 70-80% and may take 4-5 weeks to deliver. So guys, hurry up before it’s too late and celebrate Karwa Chauth with geek monkey.

Heart to Heart Led Light Box

Make an impact with simplicity. We at Geek Monkey are always working tirelessly towards touching lives through our gift ideas, and simplicity is one of the key factors in them. This simple yet stunning Heart Shaped LED Light Box is one such gifting option. A well thought out gift item for your spouse this Karwa Chauth to add pleasure to the romantic atmosphere. Expression of your love through this heart box will surely create an impression of a lifetime. Grace it on the wall or place it on a side table or work station and create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The LED box is battery powered and does not require an electrical point near it. Use it freely wherever you wish to.

Blooming Lotus Metal Urli

Traditions are the links we have with our ancestors. They are not only our beliefs and customs but are also a medium that aids our survival and enhances our lifestyle. One such tradition is Urli, a round-shaped brass or bell metal vessel. This is available in a variety of sizes that you can use for cooking and decoration/puja bowls as well. Desirous of welcoming blessings and guests inside your home, Urlis find a special mention in traditions of home décor.

Truly an ideal gift for your home-maker this Karwa Chauth. This unique handmade Urli gets destined to add royalty to a home. As a result, celebrate Karwa Chauth with geek monkey today to avail some astonishing offers on gifts. Moreover, you can order some amazing food after you have broken your fast from Swiggy. So, what are you waiting for?