Gift Ideas for Newly Weds and Your Pocket

Gift Ideas for Newly Weds and Your Pocket

When a couple creates a wedding registry, they take some of the guesswork out for guests looking to offer something a bit more special than simply handing over cash. However, some of the most innovative, exclusive, and personal items may not make it onto the curated list. If you plan to go off-registration for a present, make sure that what you get for the couple is something you believe they will appreciate for years to come. If you’re unsure, it may be better to stick to, or at least take inspiration from, their carefully selected list. With that in mind, we’ve picked the best items from the registry that we think newly married couples would be pleased to receive for their wedding as a gift. You’ll be likely to find everything they enjoy, from customized maps to kitchen heirlooms.

The perfect wedding presents for all budgets here.

  1. Monogrammed glasses

Monogrammed Wine Glasses

Give a pair of monogrammed glasses to the newlywed couple as an early wedding present, so they can use them during the reception. In the future, they will be taking them out toast every anniversary!

  1. Classic Dutch oven

If the happy couple enjoys preparing recipes such as stews and soups, think about gifting a classic Dutch oven. A 5 quarter oven suits just about every need, from slow-cooking meat to bread baking. A Dutch oven is certainly a piece of investment and it lasts for years.

  1. Knit Throw Blanket

Knit Blanket for couple


This fluffy, comfy throw will be a perfect addition to the family room — they’ll love to curl up on chilly evenings under it. The design on the fringe adds a whimsical touch and texture.

  1. Soft Bath Gown

Mr & Mrs Robes

If they’re going to work or relax over the weekend, give the couple a few comfortable pieces of the lounge to enjoy as they get dressed. This luxurious robe is made of Turkish cotton and comes in a variety of soft hues.

  1. Custom Wedding Crest

Custom Watercolor Crest

Jessica Peddicord is an equal artist based in Dallas, Texas, and specializes in the design of custom-made parts for weddings. Her Crest Bar helps clients to design a personalized crest in five simple steps for a family or wedding. The pair would just love to get a custom piece of art for themselves!

  1. Passport Holder

 Couple passport holder

A selection of passport cases would certainly come in handy for couples planning a honeymoon. It’s something that’s going to last years when the pair are traveling the globe together.

Sustainable passport covers from Cuyana are all made from leather and available in a range of colours. For an extra dose of versatility add a monogram!

  1. Customized Doormat

Custom Door Mat Personalized Doormat

A custom doormat presented us with a perfect way to celebrate a newly entered last name. This option is personalized to the right match with a modern script font and a choice of two different sizes. And the natural colour palette means you won’t clash with any other colours that the couple may have other.

  1. A Romantic Book

This enjoyable journal provides a written challenge for the couple to complete every day for a year. Help them learn even more about each other during their first year of marriage, and do something fun together.

  1. Wine Bottles

gift wine bottle

If the couple loves to entertain or simply likes to enjoy a glass (or two) of wine at the end of the day together, they will certainly enjoy a couple of wine bottles as presents. Be sure that you know the couple well and their taste as well. Getting some personalized gift recommendations can help a lot. Or just let them try out new varietal and flavour profiles.

  1. Custom Growler

Personalized Beer Growler - Gift for Couples

Celebrate the love of craft beer for the couple with a personalized growler, complete with the last name of the couple and their wedding date. Since this one is made from stoneware, beer can stay cooler than other models. Please add a gift card to a local brewery for an extra touch.

  1. Brass Wine Chiller

If you’re looking to send something that will stand the test of time to the newly married couple, think about adding to their collection a classic wine chiller. Be sure that you choose the perfect size for a single bottle of wine, meaning it’s great for setting up at home on the table on a casual date night. A perfect gift!

  1. Skyline Wedding Glass

Choose to remember where the pair came together, where they come from, or where they get married to a collection of these delicately engraved glasses. You can mix and match towns (there’s plenty available!) to make a unique set of glasses and create an amazing gift.

  1. Couple’s Backyard Chair

backyard Chair couple

You can help make a pair of these traditional wooden chairs feel like a refuge in the backyard of the couple. Though known for being water-resistant and robust. Make sure they’re delivering such gifts to the home of the couple — they’re certainly not going to want to move them after marriage.

  1. Photography Sessions

The happily married couple will already have a booked photographer recording their wedding day but what about their honeymoon? By offering them a session with a professional photographer on their holiday, give the bride and groom the chance to be in photographs (other than selfies). An amazing gift, right?!

Hope that these gift ideas will make your day a remarkable one!