Celebrate Diwali With Geek Monkey

Festivals play an important role in our lives. They are a celebration of bonding and togetherness with family & dear ones and also play an integral part in building a nation both socially and economically. There are several and diverse festivals observed in India, but Diwali is undisputedly the most significant and the brightest of all festivals. Some regions offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi, some worship Goddess Kali and some dedicate their offerings to Lord Ganesha, but for all, Diwali symbolizes the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after victory over the demon king Ravana with a strong message of ‘victory of righteousness’. Whatever the aura, rituals, and customs, its magical brilliance certainly illuminates the entire nation. And, spellbinds the entire population in its grip. So, plan on buying Diwali gifts and celebrate Diwali with Geek Monkey.

In the present times and very much in the league of Christmas and other major religious carnivals, Diwali also features amongst the list of universal festivals and is celebrated with great pomp and show in other nations as well. Draped in a colorful ambiance and loaded with a plethora of fireworks has made Diwali truly global.

This auspicious Diwali, take a pledge to start a new journey of life and to end the darkness within. Illuminate your inner self and enjoy eternal bliss.

It’s the onset of festivities and your much-awaited magnanimous week of auspicious Diwali is not far off. Start preparing for the celebrations that just lie ahead, round the corner. Do not forget Geek Monkey for all your gifting requirements. A few options are highlighted under for your reference.

Customized Moon Lamp | Gifts of Love


Gifts ought to be a pride possession and that is what Geek Monkey aspires to offer you. We are always in a continuous process of providing you with mementos for all occasions, that best suit your requirement and pocket as well. Our Customized Moon Lamp is one such ambient and serene gifting option for your loved ones; because close to heart souls require nothing less than abundant love and affection. This Customized Lamp is an ideal gift to express your heartfelt emotions for your family and friends. As a result, celebrate Diwali with Geek Monkey and buy this customized moon lamp for your friends or family members.

The Lamp is customized with 3D printing technology as per the picture provided by you. An elegant wooden stand for the lamp to rest on gives it an aesthetic look. Gift it to your parents, your children, and/or friends. Can be ideally used in bedrooms, drawing rooms, or aisles.

One in a Million Mosaic Photo Frame – Customized Design

The growing up phase of life is the area that is not only remembered throughout a lifetime but also calls for its treasuring. Moments spent with siblings and friends are indeed a divine blessing. The childhood quarrels and fights, and rivalries over games and petty matters are always cherished as beautiful memories. We all have had pleasant moments during our formative and adulthood days, but only a few hold a special place as favorites. Freeze forever, those couple of memories you’ll never want to forget, in our beautiful mosaic photo frame. 

Send us your favorite picture(s) for us to customize them for you. This elegant square-shaped mosaic frame can accommodate 20-30 pictures in the background with your most favorite one as the main highlight on the front. So what are you waiting for? Gift fond memories to your beloved souls this Diwali with Geek Monkey’s customized mosaic photo frame. 

Personalized Timeless Calendar | An Eternal Gift

Geek Monkey offers you another gifting option for your family and friends this coming Diwali, a personalized timeless calendar. As you share a timeless relationship with your loved ones, this calendar is also destined to deliver timeless moments for years to come. Made of wood, this customized calendar has your favorite picture directly printed on it, making it a lifetime memento.  

Manage the calendar manually, use it till eternity by changing the dates, months, and years by moving the rings. Adorn your workstation or decorate your living room or bedside with this elegant and eternal calendar, which is available with and without a clock. Celebrate Diwali with Geek Monkey and buy this worthwhile calendar for your family.

Luminous Lotus Rangoli | Diwali & Wedding Decor – Reusable Rangoli

The leader of all festivals, the king of all celebrations, Diwali is undisputedly the biggest of all religious carnivals in India. Although it is associated with lights and fireworks, the festivities get a kick start only with Rangoli. Geek Monkey brings to you, handmade and reusable Luminous Lotus Rangoli for festive adornment. Lotus, with its inherent association with Indian culture and traditions, makes an ideal choice for Diwali decoration. Enhance the Rangoli décor with earthen lamps and flowers.

Golden Metal Planter

Of all the things that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, living healthy tops the list. And the easiest way is to breathe healthily. Geek Monkey understands the requirements of times and offers you exquisite and elegant Golden Metal Planters for you to decorate and bring the greens inside your house. The planters not only accentuate your interior décor, but it also acts as a medium to turn your home into a green abode. Plant your favorite indoor vegetation and breathe life, day-in, and day-out. This Diwali, adorn your corners with metal planters and gift them to your loved ones as well.

Isn’t it astonishing as to what the festival brings to you and your family members? That is why we say that celebrate Diwali with Geek Monkey. That is to make sure that you get some of the best deals on Diwali gifts when you buy with us. Also, you can watch some Youtube videos to add to those already selected gifts.