Geek Monkey’s Wedding Store

A marriage certainly calls for a big celebration. It is an occasion that your family, friends, and all dear ones eagerly wait for. The ceremonial activities may vary according to customs and rituals. But the eagerness and excitement is a common element across the globe. Geek Monkey’s wedding store is bound to surprise you. Although the matrimonial festivities get concluded within a couple of days, the marriage preparations start months in advance, throughout the history of any given culture and religion. Marriage and its related rituals have expanded its ground to all the nooks and corners of the planet. It has become an institution in which interpersonal relationships get acknowledged and sanctioned.

Even though wedlock is a pure contractual agreement, it gets performed more on religious grounds. Whatever be the case, the occasion calls for a lot of excitement and joy. And the euphoria enters higher levels with the exchange of gifts and presents.

So what are you gifting your dear ones this wedding season? What are you returning to your guests? If you haven’t figured out yet, don’t worry. We at Geek Monkey have a wide range to choose from, for the occasion. To rid yourself of the pressure of buying an appropriate gift, just visit us at, explore the latest wedding trends, choose your requirement from our unique collection, place your order and the job is done. To ease your efforts, we have also shortlisted a few gifts from our inexhaustible range for your reference, as under.

Chooda Cover for the Bride

The wedlock day, loaded with a lot of beautiful moments holds a very special place in the life of a bride. Magnificent memories of all the customs and rituals are strongly tied to the chooda of the bride. But make no mistake, the bride must not even have a glimpse of it before her wedding day. It should be properly amid the shield from the bride. Furthermore, we at Geek Monkey are proud to have come up with a unique offering, the chooda covers that are as elegant as the bride. Made of superfine fabric, they get customized to the requirements of the attire and the occasion. After you you adhere to all the ceremonial activities, use the cover to store your chooda. The wedding store by Geek Monkey does make your present look more beautiful.

Magic Glow in Dark Bedsheet

A wedding is a union of two bodies and two souls. And what better place than an especially draped and decorated bedroom for them to explore each other especially her. The room should get dressed with a warm and spirited ambiance. It could be a challenging task to adorn the room for the occasion, but not with Geek Monkey and its Magic Glow Bedsheet. In contrast to other things required for the room, this magic neon glow bed sheet provides just the mood the couple requires for comfort and togetherness. Also, create a peaceful and poised atmosphere after the lights get turned off and the neon bed sheet lits up. Change the way a bedroom should look. 

Wine Dispenser Extinguisher Shape – Cocktail Shaker

Another well thought out offering from Geek Monkey, especially for the boys. A fire extinguisher shaped wine dispenser, a quirky gifting item, a combination of innovation and utility is sure enough to attract all eyes. It is an ideal gift for the occasion, for all the drink lovers. Add it to the collection and enhance the ambiance of the bar. Having a capacity of two liters, the shaker cum dispenser is just the thing one has always dreamt of to take care of small gatherings and family outings. Multipurpose in nature, freely use it for all kinds of drinks and beverages. Shake it up vigorously, activate the pump, and dispense your favorite drinks. The food-grade material used in its making assures you of the safety of your beverages.

Present it as a wedding gift to your friend/colleague/family member, and all you have to do is remember for the rest of your life. This wedding store by Geek Monkey has a lot to offer 

Gameboy Mug with Biscuit Pocket | Cool Ceramic Gifts

Yet another innovative item from the house of Geek Monkey, the cool ceramic coffee/tea mug with a biscuit pocket, an ideal gift to pamper your man. Wake him up in the morning, give a fresh start to his day and pamper him in the evening with his favorite beverage in this unique combo mug. With a cool Gameboy design for all game lovers, your man will be ever ready to pause his game for a round of coffee/tea loaded with cookies in its pocket. This 300ml capacity mug gets made with ceramic material which is absolutely safe for all beverages, hot or cold. 

MeMini Me – 3D Custom Clone Dolls

Innovation par excellence, it is the least that you can say for this unique offering from Geek Monkey. The MeMiniMe-3D custom clone doll surely falls in the category of very unique and distinctive gifting item for the couple on the occasion of their marriage. Bring to life the bride and the groom in an animated form. The couple will fall in love with their own cute version. You can treasure this customized and handmade memento for life. Show your true love for the couple, gift them their own replication.

Moreover, if you are planning to buy gifts for a bride and groom, make sure that you take the utmost help from our wedding store. You can also watch a couple of videos from Youtube to set in the mood and couple it with the presents you have bought for the bride and groom. So, what are you waiting for?