What To Gift Your Prankster Friend

We all have friends, some are sober and some are pranksters. While sober ones are more reliable forms but the nutty ones, the pranksters make for a lively companionship. They are ones who light up the atmosphere and make moments memorable. Their mischief, their antics is the spice which is a mandatory ingredient in the cuisine of life. Rich are those who have true friends; richer are those who have mischievous ones. Living cheerfully is difficult but these friends make it happen easily. The kind of life any person is desirous of, these insane souls deliver. It doesn’t matter if they are crazy or stupid, so are you being their friend. Friendship is truly a great feeling, and if it falls in the category of madness, it goes beyond comprehension. So, one thing is for sure. You might think of a probable question, which is ‘what to gift a prankster friend’.

Cement your relationship with your buddy, play a prank on him/her, gift a memento that compliments his personality as a prankster.

Falling short of gifting ideas, no worries, just visit us at geekmonkey.in, click your choice, complete the purchase and we’ll do the rest for you. We would love to provide you with the stuff suitable enough for you to play your prank. Have an insight at some of our pranking range. 

1. Thor Hammer Lighter Keychain with USB Charging

Here is an ideal gift for your friend, your accomplice in your escapades, and mischief. Your super-hero friend certainly qualifies for this Thor Hammer Lighter Keychain. It is a befitting collectible for your partner. This dual-tasking memento holds keys and also serves as an electric lighter. It is designed to look like the superhuman tool, Mjolnir the Hammer of Thor, which has the following words etched on it, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor”.

Geek Monkey delivers it in an attractive gift box along with a USB wire for charging it. An exemplary gift for a special being. 

2. Rifle Shaped Black Umbrella

Geek Monkey offers yet another quirky present from its unique collection. Definitely male, black umbrella with a realistic rifle butt handle equipped with trigger and gun sight is bound to catch not one, but all eyes. The trigger acts as the lock, when pulled, opens up the umbrella. Made from waterproof fabric and fiberglass ribs act as an ideal defense against showers as the rifle would against enemies. Carry it in style on your back in the strap bag case, as you would carry your gun. This gift certainly answers the question – what to gift a prankster friend.

Shoot the rains; beat the heat, with this super protection. Makes for a perfect gift for your crazy buddy. Empower him to play pranks, except upon you. Large enough size to accommodate two persons. 

3. Shots of Joy | Skull Shaped Shot Glass Set

Skull shaped shot glasses are bound to create ripples of jealousy amongst all those who do not possess them. A drinks session is incomplete without these shot glasses. They not only compliment your bar but also liven up the atmosphere. At Geek Monkey, it is our endeavor to offer you gift items that bring you abundant joy, and this set of shot glasses completely supports our claim.

The 4 glasses set is made with borosilicate material, having very low coefficients of thermal expansion, making them more resistant to thermal shocks than any other forms of glasses. Go ahead, gift it to your crazy boozer friend and give him a chance to flaunt his new possession. If you are thinking of what to gift a prankster friend, then know that this is one of the best buys you can own and present to your boozer friend.

4. Ceramic Revolver Mug (Black Only)

Shoot your fugitive friend with this revolver shaped ceramic coffee mug. Innovatively designed and best suited for badasses of your group. Gift one to your naughty friend and bring a smile on his face. It surely is intended to be a pride possession and an object to flaunt more than often. Its revolver grip helps in handling the drink intake with ease and accuracy. Made from high-quality ceramic material assures you of its durability. Use it anywhere you want, at home or at the office. The 450ml volume mug is delivered in individual packing. Grab it before it’s gone. 

5. Up Yours Mug

If you can’t say it, but would like to communicate your feelings, then the ‘up yours’ mug is the ideal media to convey your statement to that creepy yet adorable friend of yours. Creatively designed, the mug having a fist and the middle finger at the bottom is sure enough to annoy your buddy, and make your day. It is also made from a high-quality ceramic material with an extra gloss finish. The white coating on the mug is food safe and non-toxic with an additional feature of it also being microwave friendly. 

You can also prank your other friends and colleagues. Serve with innocence, enjoy their reactions, have a hearty laugh. This 300ml mug is also delivered in individual packing. Another quirky item for an instant grab. 

Are you thinking of what to gift a prankster friend? If that is the case, then go through all the above-mentioned presents you can own and gift at the same time. Moreover, if you have something else in mind, then you can build a combination. Watch a video or two on Youtube and see what you can do for your friends on their special days. But, make sure you get the best buy for them on such occasions.