Importance of Planning in Different Phases of Life

Importance of Planning in Different Phases of Life

There is always a thought process running at the back of your mind whenever you take up any task. Planning and drafting a scheme that is fool proof can help you achieve your goals without any unnecessary obstacles and lags. Thus, you can say that it decides the fate of your initiatives. But there is a probability that your results do not match your expectations. This should not weaken your will to achieve. Rather you should strive harder to fulfil your dreams. The fact is that the stronger your will power is, the more positive the output will be. So, if you are thinking that planning would not really matter and you are the one who goes with the flow, read on to know how proper planning can bring so many ‘expected’ changes in your life:

Planning as a Student

Planning Student

Well, for students, every year, things are quite pre-planned. They commence their session, prepare for the tests, then exams, and wait for their result. However, there might be a bunch of students who do not pay much heed to planning. But one of the major decisions they have to take as a student is, which stream they will choose. Well, for most students this is as easy as cakewalk since they know what they want out of their lives in the long run. But for some, this would be no less than a nightmare. This is because they have not planned beforehand. And to be honest, no matter which stream they choose and how good their grades are, they are going to do just fine later in life. Well, this is life and you eventually get better at it.

As a Professional

Planning & Scheduling Professional

Completing education and stepping into an altogether phase of life might seem quite intimidating. On your interview, you might want to give an impression that you are well-prepared and have all the skillsets required for the position. At times, this might be all that matter. But there can be times, when your personality and your uniqueness will earn you some brownie points and fetch you your desired job. While other candidates would blame their luck, you will be thankful for yours. Thus, at times, things might not be as you planned them to be. But this does not give you an excuse to stop trying and aiming to become better.

As a Partner

Planning as Partners

Marriage is another chapter in one’s life. And while an individual learns almost everything through their own mistakes, with marriage, it is now time to adjust someone else’s life and help them do the same. While there is not sure shot trick to make a marriage work, some planning would help both of you in the long run. This planning implies to delegating task and making life easier for each other. Thing like who will buy groceries? Who will do the cleaning? Who will do laundry? These are a few things that if discussed beforehand, can avoid a lot of hassle. And if someone is good at something or fond of something, they will probably do it better, so let them. Also, you both do everything or some things together. So, basically whatever floats your boat.

However, practising and planning is something that never goes in vain. Each day you learn something new and that might help you in the years to come. Other than planning and improving yourself, you also need to have a positive outlook towards life.

Here are some examples that tell us the power of positive output:

To see India free from the British rule, there were a number of movements that came in to origin. The main aim of all these movements was to witness India as a beautiful and prosperous country where each and every citizen should feel protected and secure. While some of them could see India free again, some were not that fortunate. Even after all their efforts, determination, and dedication to fulfil their dream.  But unfortunately, great warriors like Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev could not breath in free India. Freedom fighter – Chandra Shekhar Azad died before our country could witness freedom. However, all of their efforts did not go in vain. We are the citizens of Independant ndia and this gift will be cherished forever. They are remembered in each and every Indian citizen even today.

Thus, I would like to say that it is important to have a plan in life. This helps us have a purpose of our existence. It can either be a short-term plan like weekly schedules that have an end result or even long-term plans that will help you reach new places and help you achieve your goal in life. No matter how small or big your plan is, all you need is a start.