History and Relevance of Gandhi Jayanti

As the name suggests, this auspicious day, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti. People celebrate it all over the world as a mark of respect to one of the greatest world leaders whose legacy has left an ever-lasting impression on people’s minds all over the world. Irrespective of religion, caste, or creed, people from all walks of life, gather in unison for commemorative activities and cultural events, on this day.

Mahatma Gandhi, fondly and lovingly known as ‘Bapu’, the father of the nation, was born this day on 2nd October 1869 in Gujarat. Indians all over the globe as well as many world nations pay respect and tribute to one of the greatest world leaders for his contribution to India’s liberation from the British Empire. A true visionary and an ambassador of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi mobilized one of the mightiest mass movements against British oppression which eventually brought the empire down on its knees. His Dandi March and Quit India movement speak of his charisma and prowess.


There is no name that comes to mind other than Mahatma Gandhi, which symbolizes the teachings of non-violence. Although Bapu was thin and lean in stature, his personality was just the opposite. This humble and peace-loving man led an entire nation to independence from the clutches of the most powerful imperial forces of the times.

Along-side his freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhi also fought against numerous evils prevalent in the Indian society, like untouchability and the caste system. He advocated for brotherhood and equality amongst all. Visionary that he was, his teachings against racial and gender discrimination still hold good even today. Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence or Satyagraha movement left the Britishers wondering and wandering. They could not figure out ways and means to counter non-violent protest. As a mark of respect to Gandhiji, on 15 June 2007, the UN General Assembly declared that 2nd October every year will also be celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence

How is Gandhi Jayanti observed?

  •         This day is marked by various events and celebrations all over. They include:
  •         Prayer services.
  •         Commemorative ceremonies and tributes.
  •         Exhibitions.
  •         Literary competitions.
  •         Felicitations of persons following and preaching Mahatma Gandhi’s way of life.
  •         Showcasing of Mahatma Gandhi’s life.

Let us all take a vow to draw inspiration from the life and teachings of the Mahatma, this Gandhi Jayanti. Take a look at some of his teachings. 

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Changing self to display what you like is easier said but requires hard work, patience, and determination to attain. Gandhiji not only taught this simple principle but exemplified the same in his life. During imprisonment, starvation, and ill-health, he remained composed, loving, and peaceful. He strongly believed that one person can make a change because it always starts with one person.

“There are many reasons I am prepared to die for, but not a single reason to kill for.”

Gandhiji was indeed a revolutionary. He led his nation to liberation through his exceptional beliefs and that too without shedding blood, an achievement par excellence. He strongly believed that courage and sacrifice, in the absence of death and destruction, can produce a change.

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

A simple mention of violence would make Gandhiji uncomfortable. He hated only one thing; bloodshed. He strongly believed in valuing the lives of all beings. No human in this world has an excuse to hurt or kill anyone for any reason when anything that is required can be achieved through discussions and peaceful means. Violent means were never and will never be a part of our culture. 

“Truth is the truth even if you in a minority of one.”

Gandhiji was a big supporter and an adherent of honesty and veracity. Propagating and continuous repeating of lies doesn’t make it true, and clearly warned people against mindlessly falling prey to the propaganda without careful examination. The attainment of truth is ensured only through a critical eye and an open mindset. Such is the relevance of Gandhi Jayanti.

“A man becomes what he thinks.”

Indeed, we are a product of our own thoughts. Love and compassion make us gentle, whereas evil designs turn us into a monster in the guise of humans. Gaining control over thoughts coupled with a positive approach and actions is reason enough to transform self and the world around us. A world full of compassion and positivity can bring happiness in our lives, provided we do our bit. The day the power of love overrules the love for power, the world will become a better place to live. 

“Live life to the fullest.”

Work towards the quality of life rather than its quantity. Luxuries and speed do not account for a content living. Happiness is what we should pursue as a primary ambition in life and it’s also important that we educate our children to lead productive lives. The simple focused and disciplined lifestyle of Mahatma Gandhi is an example for all of us to follow.

Gandhi was assassinated in 1948, but his teachings played a vital role in India’s overall development. Let us all pledge to tread the Mahatma’s way and make our world a better place.

Final Thoughts

With Gandhi Jayanti, you ought to make it significant by celebrating the auspicious day. What are you waiting for? If not the whole year, adhere to his movements and teachings today and make the most of them in your life. Live the way he did and behave the way he did to get this country its true stake – Independence. There is nothing more patriotic than walking the footsteps of the father of the nation. Not only will you honor his life but will also lead a healthy, respectful, and faithful life. True patriotism is within yourself and that does not depend on you helping someone. It can be anything related to your personality for the country. If you want more than this, you can watch some documentaries on Youtube and check Geek Monkey for some of the gifts you would like to honor his work.