Significance of Independence Day

In simple words, independence means “not dependent”, but there’s a lot more than comes to mind. Independence is a virtue and not status as perceived often. Independence is self-governance, a state of self-reliance, and a position of self-sustenance. If you can survive on your own, you are independent. The significance of Independence Day has immensely popular traditions that people follow.

Normally when people talk about independence, they refer to political freedom from another country and/or ruler, either through a war, a revolution, or a treaty. Whatever it is, it is hard-earned and should be treasured in the memory of our freedom fighters and leaders. Attaining sovereignty over the land or territory through sacrifices and legitimate efforts is one of the most precious achievements. And, it should be protected at all costs, come what may.

The reason for a nation to aspire for independence is its exploitation by the rulers. Inequality amongst people at the hands of the dominant power is another prominent reason to acquire freedom. Freedom is understanding and striving towards living a life of choices by the masses. But, with a set of riders of obligations and adherence, because independence is a moral virtue. A virtue where people are required to uphold the sovereignty and the constitution, enforce and abide by the new laws and directives. Moreover, participate in nation-building through the development of industrial infrastructure, healthcare, and educational institutions.

India on the rise

And, what a wonderful example India is. It’s independence on 15th August 1947 and thereafter its rise as a world power within a short span of 70 years speaks of the contribution of its citizens and visionary leaders. Honestly speaking, it was a herculean movement for India to get independence from the British. Millions of freedom fighters laid down their lives for us all to breathe freely. The significance of Independence Day has a lot of blood and strength when we plan on going back to the sages and ages.

The present generation, the future, and the driving force of the nation should well be informed about the history and struggles of Independence Day.

Let’s celebrate 74th Independence Day this year with some amazing facts.

British rule started in India after the European traders under the guise of East India Company landed on the Indian soil around 200 years prior to 1947. That happened in search of gaining control over a rich but a divided nation. It was easy for them to colonize India as it was divided into numerous provinces headed by kings and rulers full of animosity for each other. The Britishers took advantage of it and further divided the nation to gain absolute control. Their downfall started at the onset of the 20th century after the 1st world war when Mahatma Gandhi started the non-violence, non-cooperation, and civil disobedience movement. 

The architects

Truly the architect of Independent India, Mahatma Gandhi forced out the British from the Indian lands. India was declared an independent nation in 1947, but only after it was parted based on religion. Pakistan for Muslims, and Hindustan for Hindus. Millions of Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs crossed the newly drawn borders over massive bloodshed. History estimates that around one million people died in partition violence. Going back into history, the culture that the country followed had immense importance. The significance of Independence Day not only buys us more that we think of but it also takes us back to the times when we fought together. That is to get our names on the history sheets of the country.

Indian Independence Day is one of the most important days in Indian history. That is not only for its freedom from the clutches of colonialism but also for an era of a new beginning. It is a reminder for every citizen about the sacrifices and bravery of its freedom fighters. And, it is a message that unity is the biggest weapon against foreign forces and all adversities. We must not let the hard times and struggles of our forefathers fade away from our memories.

Even after the big day

India celebrates its Independence Day with Army parade and National Flag hoisting at Red Fort. The President of India addresses the nation and the Prime Minister hoists the flag, followed by cultural programs. This day is a reminder for all of us to value freedom and pay homage and respect to all the freedom fighters who gave up their lives for a free nation. It is a day to show our solidarity towards the nation, keep the spirit of patriotism alive, and always be inspired to serve the nation.

It is a revered duty of every being of the nation, young or old, to observe Independence Day as a day to uphold its sovereignty, incredible heritage & ancient culture and to rid the nation of poverty and illiteracy.

Freedom cannot be bought, it is earned. Let us remember all who fought and earned free air for us. Let us think about everyone who laid their lives down for the country. We all know yesterday was our 74th Independence Day. But we should not forget about the significance of Independence Day even today as we hold ourselves liable and responsible. If you have something in mind for your family and siblings, get on through one of the best gifting sites like Geek Monkey. It never gets old when you think of your own country as a family. So, what are you waiting for? Understand its importance even if 15th has passed and celebrate every day as an Independence Day.