Technological Advancements

6 Technological Advancements That Will Amaze You

6 Technological Advancements That Will Amaze You

There is apparently now possible way through which I can go back to my childhood days. And similarly, it is not possible to have a sneak peek into the future. However, we can surely take a walk down the memory lane and revisit those times by having a look at some of your old pictures. But this is not the case with future. We have still not seen the future and the technological developments that are yet to come. And maybe this what makes it impossible for us to know what is about to happen next.

As the time passes, we observe that few deeds are possible in the present time. These are the same things that people once thought were impossible. After all, it is just time and effort that turns impossible into possible. And this moment we have right now is a gift to us. All we need is to make the most of this gift.

Now, who could have thought purchasing land on moon would be possible one day? As the time is passing we are developing a wide range of things and turning impossible into possible. A couple of decades back, we would have never thought that we could ever talk to people residing on the other side of the world in real time. Well, that along with various other developments are a reality now. But here are a few other things that are just a mere example of technological and scientific revolution:

Robot Heart

Robot heart technological advancements

This is a miraculous combination of medical and technological excellence that has resulted in the evolution of artificial heart. The name of this innovation is AbioCor. It runs on a pack of battery which the doctor ties to the wrist of the end user. The very first unit of this astounding innovation was implanted in the year 2001. Yes, this innovation is more than a decade old. Still, seems quite a futuristic development, right?

Gene Editing

Gene Editing

Studying DNA in a gene itself is a complicated subject. But with collective efforts of researchers from the University of California, a team from Harvard has successfully been able to edit the genes by changing DNA of mice and mosquito. This scientific development can effectively combat Lyme disease and malaria.

Smart Homes

Smart Home Technological advancements

Are lives these days are highly influenced by technology. Everything is now just a click or swipe away. Well, our homes are no exception now. With the increasing demand of a much convenient and high-tech lifestyle, the invention of brilliant home appliances and home entertainment systems are helping us live the futuristic life. This has immensely enhanced our way of living. Now, with just a mere command, we can carry out actions that without even having to move a finger. Incredible!

Artificial Pancreas

The management of the diabetes requires an individual to monitor their regulated insulin input. And fortunately, some intellectual scholars have made it possible by developing a device called artificial pancreas. The doctor inserts it in the human body through a small insertion. Then, it delivers the the amount of insulin that the body requires with the help of a small pump. Amazing, right?

Capsule Endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy

Endoscopy is common medical diagnosis procedure. It involves the insertion of a thin, long tube-like structure in the body of the patient to examine and study the internal organs. Capsule endoscopy helps in performing this procedure without any insertion. As the name suggests, this procedure is simply carried out by the patient gulping down a capsule. The development of this pill helps a wireless camera to travels through the digestive system. The pictures on the monitor help in diagnosis. This procedure was first performed in the year 2001.

Multi-Use Rockets

 Reusable Rockets

Whenever the term rocket strikes our mind, we imagine that these are meant for single use. Usual rockets simply  fall into the ocean after use. SpaceX is a US-based company that has successfully developed a multi-use rocket. It canbe used again for second or even a third launch. This was first performed by SpaceX in the year 2017.

Hyper-Personalized Medicine

Hyper-personalized medicine

These drugs can treat a rare disease or genetic mutation. These are designed according to each individual’s needs. This is no longer someone’s imagination; it is actually possible now. This medicine can cater to the meticulous needs of a particular patient. It will help in the treatment and cure even ailments that impossible to treat in the past. This medicine will bring hope to many people who are suffering from incurable diseases. An amazing development indeed.

There is an eclectic range of technologies developed in the past few decades. These have helped the medical fraternity and even mankind in every sense. And we are sure that there are a lot of new technological developments and advancements in the coming years. These progressions, whenever accomplished, are capable of making malignant growth a relic of past times. At last, I would like to mention that the remote is in the hands of that ‘super power’ who ultimately controls time.