The Significance of Independence Day and its Celebrations

As the month of August approaches, the wave of patriotism and preparations for the historic day begins with utmost dedication. The significance of independence day in Indian culture has deep roots. It reminds us of the major sacrifices given by our leaders in order to give us the life that we are living in today. Celebrating independence day is a matter of pride and love for every Indian towards our beautiful nation.

History of Independence Day

India was under the rule of Britishers from 1757. The battle of Plassey was fought which was won by the East India Company. Post the war, India gradually lost all rights on the nation and EIC took over the control of the country. This continued for an entire century. It was in 1857 that the British Crown took over the charge and ruled India thereafter. After the first world war, British rule imposed severely suppressing laws on Indians. It led to the development of a spark of revolution amongst the nationals for independence.

The renowned father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, initiated the non-cooperation movement and civil disobedience movement. These created a deep impact on the ruling Britishers. The struggle continued for decades with more movements and acts. Indian National Congress was on the forefront face of India during this period. Many freedom fighters lost their lives or were tortured or even imprisoned by the Britishers but it did not set back the motive of Indians to achieve Independence.

In early 1947, the British government announced the transfer of control to the Indians by June. But the increasing Hindu-Muslim clashes delayed the action. Then in June the prominent leaders of undivided India collectively decided the division on the basis of religion. Millions of Indians inter-crossed the newly constructed border and finally, it was the midnight of 15th August when India was declared independent. This engraved intense significance of independence day in the heart of millions of Indians.

Celebrating Independence Day in India

With such a deep history and unforgettable sacrifices given by our fighters, India pays a tribute to every single person who was a part of the struggle. On every 15th August, the nation observes a national holiday. The main celebrations take place at the Red Fort. The Prime Minister of India hoists the flag of the country and gives a heartwarming speech to the nation. The growth of the nation in the past year gets discussed and the future goals and perspectives for the nation are also a part of the speech. The address to the nation gets telecasted across all TV channels through the media. Post the speech, the members of the armed forces and the department of police perform a short parade.

Schools, Offices, Colleges, Restaurants, Malls, etc. also take part in celebrating independence day by hoisting flags, distributing sweets, and offering discounts.  Many cultural events, competitions, and feasts are organized to celebrate the day. In order to mark the significance of independence day, people decorate their houses with tricolor decoratives. Not just this, children have their own way of showcasing their love towards the nation. You’ll see them putting on the tricolor tattoos and dressed in traditional outfits. Kite flying is also a new tradition that is observed on the day by the nationals. Despite the national holiday, all the government offices stay lit on 15th August to commemorate the auspicious day. It unites the entire nation and brings a wave of joy and celebration throughout.

Ways to Celebrate Independence Day in the Current Pandemic Scenario

This year, independence day will be a lot different than any other year. The schools and colleges are closed, large gatherings are not allowed, and moreover it is better that we all stay home. So if you are running out of ideas, hopefully, you’ll find some help below:

  1. Flag Hoisting: The major attraction of Independence day is the hoisting of the flag. You can do that at your home with your own family. Prepare the flag with some flower petals a night before and hoist your own flag with honor and pride on the 15th.
  2. Dress Up: What is better than dressing up for your own self? Find the traditional flag color clothes and dress up on independence day. Sync your clothes with your family members to complete the flag colors.
  3. Decorate your house: You can always celebrate an occasion by decorating your house. Why wait for the 15th? It’s already August, Decorate flags, tri-color hangings, dupattas, and decoratives to get the feels of independence day approaching.
  4. Watch a patriotic movie: There are some remarkable movies that portray the history and significance of independence day in India. You can shortlist any one of your choices, maybe a favorite or the one you never got a chance to watch. Spend the evening enjoying the movie with your family.

India has undergone a lot of suppression in the past. Despite everything, our country has outgrown these shortcomings and has emerged as a rising star every time. Millions of people suffered, they lost homes, lost their loved ones and what not just for the nation. Let us all respect them and honor them every day of our lives. We are proud Indians and we will always be!