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The Power of Positive Outlook

The Power of Positive Outlook

There are a lot of people who believe that our outlook towards things depends on how emotionally we are attached to them. Thinking that our viewpoint majorly depends on our emotions rather than being logical is not quite true. Your life if a gift to you. So, it is better to make the most out of it with a positive attitude. Let us know more about how we can attain a positive viewpoint and how can it benefit us.

It Starts Early in Life

It Starts Early in Life positive thinking

The human organ responsible for thinking is cerebrum which is the large outer part of the brain. But other than an individual’s mind, their upbringing and education plays major role in moulding them into a person they would be in the coming years. This is essentially what defines their outlook towards things. This ultimately results in revolutionary innovations and even motivate others to follow their example. Our upbringing is what helps us approach the challenges in our daily life with a positive outlook and turn them into the best possible opportunity.

Perceiving It as An Opportunity

an opportunity

There are a number of hurdles that we as individuals have to confront on a daily basis. We tend to see them as just another obstacle that is keeping us away from our goals. Rather, we should perceive them as an opportunity that will help us become a much stronger and better person. You might think that saying such things are much easier than actually carrying it out. Well, one of the worst fears for everyone is death. It is inevitable and we all know it. So, why not make the most of it!

While the majority of people don’t wish to think about this event, there are a few people who wish to put on a smile on someone’s face while they bid adieu this world. They perceive it as an opportunity and volunteer to donate their organ(s) so that they are able to help someone who is need of it. Well, if they are able to do this, I am sure you can also see all of your obstacles as an opportunity to do something amazing.

Your Thoughts Are Your Reality

Knowing The Power Of Your Thoughts

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, a pioneer industrialist might have been enthused with just a mere positive thought back in 1868. Known as the ‘Father of the Indian Industry,’ he is the founder of India’s biggest conglomerate company and it is all the outcome of positive outlook towards things accompanied with consistent efforts. There are a number of amazing things said about this personality. Here are a few lines that will help you understand why he was praised greatly.

“…he was a man of destiny is clear. It would seem, indeed, as if the hour of his birth, his life, his talents, his actions, the chain of events which he set in motion or influenced, and the services he rendered to his country and to his people, were all pre-destined as part of the greater destiny of India.” —J.R.D. Tata

Making Things Around us a Little Better

making things better

Even in our day to day lives we come across various examples of positive thinking that help us reshaping the way of living in a better way. Let us understand this with an example of a signature dish by a chef. While there are numerous of recipes that have been originated centuries ago, a chef tries to enhance the flavours by tweaking them a little bit and creating a whole new masterpiece. This is the mere positive thought process of the individual that help them convert an ordinary dish to a signature dish.

There is a Faint Line Between Positive and Negative

 between right and wrong

While having a positive attitude can unveil amazing things for you, a negative outlook will only make an individual feel defeated, ignored and lonely. This will ultimately result in breaking down their personality. Also, it must be noted that there is just a bleak line that separates positive from negative. It is us who can understand this difference and choose the path we want to traverse on. Let us take the example of Gary McKinnon. He is known to be world’s most dangerous hackers and is in a lot of trouble for his actions. On the other hand, Anand Prakash is a renowned ethical hacker from India. He has won various accolades and awards for his contribution in making internet a much safer space for people. Well, there you have it. It is you who can define your destiny just by distinguishing between what is right and what is not.

I hope that this will help you understand how positive outlook towards life can help you. And grab amazing opportunities that will help you grow as a much better person. Hope this motivates you and take up the right path in your life and unearth the incredible personality within you.