How Much Love is Too Much Love

How Much Love is Too Much Love

“No one can destroy iron but its own rust.” – Ratan Tata

If you observe your surroundings closely, you will find that in majority of cases we only spoil our loved ones and ultimately ourselves. Can you ever love or admire someone more than it is actually needed? And how would you able to know when your affection is crossing that limit? A limit that when crossed might damage your relationship with them. It is important to draw a line between caring and wallowing in blindness to ensure that you maintain a healthy and nourishing relationship with the ones you love. Here are a few examples that will help you understand this notion:

Parents’ Love

Too Much Love Parents

As far as parental love is concerned, there are a lot of instances where kids are provided with excessive love and care. This can prove to be quite harmful as it can spoil their child. While parents wish to provide their child with all the happiness in the world. This can actually affect their mindset and they might end up believing that things will always be provided to them in the effortless manner. Thus, it is important for the parents to understand what their actions convey to their child and what kind of impact it will have on their mind. Be sure that you are aware of both short and long-term outcomes for all your actions.

Give Them Space

Give Space

Love is an amazing emotion but people often wish to have to some alone time as well. It is important to ensure that every person is able to spend time with themselves. No one should be obliged to sit beside you always. Everyone deserves to enjoy their private space every now and then. And by allowing them to do so, you are actually portraying how much you love and care for them. It is important to respect their individuality and uniqueness. Not to mention, that this might be one of the few reasons why you love them so dearly. You need to provide them space to grow and breathe. After all, love is all about wishing for someone to grow, develop, and be at a peaceful state of mind. And by helping them to do so, you are presenting them with the gift of happiness.

Love Yourself First

But first, love yourself.

Before showering anyone else with all the love and care in the world, it is important to love yourself first. There are times, when people invest so much in a particular relationship that they lose their own identity. All you think about is their happiness. This might hamper your relationship with your inner self. And if you are unable to love yourself, you will never be able to give your best in any relationship. This might even have a negative impact on your health both physically and emotionally. Other than this, you might even hamper various other relationships that mean a lot to you. It might get in your way of self-growth and keep you away from several opportunities.

Do Not Have Expectations


Love is a selfless emotion. However, having no expectations might seem impossible. If you care for someone with all your heart, there are ought to be some expectations. After all, reciprocating emotions is extremely important in any relationship. These might be quite small, but they would mean a lot to you. This is actually an outcome of excessive love and care. When you allow yourself and the other one some space, you can be sure that you do not have crazy expectation from them. And that is what helps you keep a positive mindset. You need to keep in mind that you are both different individuals who might be dealing with different quandaries. Thus, it is important to respect them as a person and give them a benefit of doubt if they are unable to stand up to your expectations.

It might take you years to build a relationship, but it takes merely seconds to destroy it. And you are the only one who can make sure that you are investing in a relationship that is healthy. Love is a complex emotion. While too little of it can make things dull, too much of it can make things messy. But with the right balance you can be sure that you are keeping things simple. After all, anything in excess is detrimental and love is no exception.