Indoor Plants for lazy gardeners

10 ‘Can’t Kill’ Houseplants for Those Lazy Gardeners

10 ‘Can’t Kill’ Houseplants for Those Lazy Gardeners


Let us get one thing clear, there are no immortal plants. Yes, I did kind of exaggerate when I said ‘can’t kill’. But there definitely some that can survive a lot longer even if they have some lazy owners. And to be honest, gardening can be quite tricky. Every plant has its own needs and demands. But these are the ones that can survive neglect, darkness and a lack of water. They might not be in their best shape, but they will definitely survive. So, if you are a lazy thumb instead of a green one, here are some houseplants that will bring a touch of lushness and verdure to your space without making your weekends disappear:

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue Plant

Mother in Law's Tongue Or Snake Plant for lazy gardeners

What an unusual name. Well, this is just one out of a bunch of them. This plant has a list of weird names like Saint George’s sword, viper’s bowstring hemp, and the most common of them of all is the snake plant. However, its scientific name is sansevieria. The reason why it is on top of this list is that it can survive even when ignored for weeks. Just how one should avoid their mother-in-law’s cruel words. But this does not mean that you can just buy one and simply forget about it. You should plan and water it every 10 to 14 days. Well, that is something you can do. Also, these are great indoor plants and are known to purify air. So, there you have it, your low-maintenance green partner!

Echeveria Plant

Echeveria lazy gardeners

These are little succulents that can store water in their thick leaves. This helps them stay fresh for a really long time so that you do not have to put a lot of time and effort to care for them. They are extremely good-looking which means they can be great to deck up one of your empty shelves. Also, they are small in size, making it easy for you to fit them anywhere you want. Have a spot to decorate but do not know how? Put up an echeveria and you have a cute little corner in your house. You can add a bit of greenery at the windowsills or table tops that are bound to leave your guests mesmerized.

Bromeliad Plant

Bromeliad plant for lazy gardeners

Bromeliad is another plant that is not only tough but also brings a much tropical vibe to your space. brings a nice tropical feel to the home. With strappy leaves in an eclectic range of hues like red, green, purple, orange, yellow, they are amazing to look at. You can also find them in different patterns like banded, stripes, or spots. So, you can play around with the colour and pattern combination and build your own special corner.

Kalanchoe Plant

Kalanchoe Plant for lazy gardeners

Kalanchoe are native to arid lands. And since they need very little water to survive, they are quite popular amongst lazy gardeners. All they need is bright sunshine, so you can keep them at windowsills that observes a lot of sunlight on a sunny day and you and will be sorted. Also, they bloom with loads of pretty pink flowers each year that will make it one of the most gorgeous plants in your house. Once it is done flowering, you can simply cut off the flower head and wait for the next spring season.


Cacti for lazy gardeners


Well, this needs no introduction. After all, these are your favourite fool-proof houseplant that you can always rely upon. Cacti hardly needs watering and they will still flourish. And with such a wide range of colour, size and textures, you can build your own cacti garden with the least amount of effort required. Just put them all together and watch how they grow on their own.


 Philodendron plant lazy gardeners

Philodendron is a small, easy going plant. It can handle shade pretty well and it does like to be watered often. Yes, you got it right! It is a match made in heaven. This is the perfect little plant for your house that looks beautiful and have almost no demands. Plus, they look so nourished and healthy all-round the year, it actually gives an impression that you are taking a lot of care of your plants. So, if you wish to impress someone, this is one of the best plants you can get for your place.

Ivy Plant

 Ivy plant for lazy gardeners

Ivy is still not very popular amongst us lazy gardeners, but they can be great houseplants an even survive quite well if not paid proper attention. If you have some empty shelves or ledges in your house, you can put this up and let it grow. They are also great if you like hanging planters. You can just hang a bunch of them from the ceiling and gives such an amazing evergreen foliage.

You can start with these low-maintenance plants for now. And I am sure you will soon have a green thumb and would want to experiment more and even care for your plants even more. Until then, happy gardening!