Trust – Friends Or Relatives?

Trust – Friends Or Relatives?

Whom to trust? Friends or relatives? This is one of the most often asked questions. Well, the votes are mainly in favor of friends but the reason usually unidentified.

Let us try and find out what are the reasons behind this notion.

Friendship is the Purest of all Bonds


Friends truly are a gift of a lifetime. If you go through your childhood memories, you will surely go back in times when you used to share your all the achievements and failures with your friends not the relatives. Although, few of your relatives might have been good friends of yours since you shared the same age group. There was no sense of hesitation with them even though parents carried the relative’s tag.

Now when you enter into professional life, you make new friends at your workplace. These people come very close to you as time passes. But you may still feel quite hesitated to share your inner feelings with them. And in this case, it is not the relative tag, but the professional competition that holds you back.

Let me share a few instances, of my college life with you. Hope this helps you know more about the bond called friendship.

I remember that one of my friends pressurized another friend of mine to start smoking.  Years passed by, and they lost connection. But these two friends happen to meet after a gap of few years. And then one who was in favor of smoking, revealed that he has actually quit smoking. Well, this was not taken well-spiritedly by the other friend and thus, he started forcing him to take a buff. Soon, both of them were seen smoking together. But, before bidding farewell, both of them made a pact and decided not to smoke ever again. Well, witnessing such incidents amongst your relatives is quite rare. Isn’t it?

Achieving Each Other’s Trust

Achieving Each Other’s Trust

As you grow older, you are left with just a few old friends. There are a few reasons why time could not separate you. Even if they are staying in the same city or not, you would find different reasons to talk to them over the phone. Or maybe plan to have a get-together at least once in six months or a year. Now, it is during these get-togethers that you realize how these four or five of your friends have been filtered out from more than a dozen. These are the ones with whom you can share your triumphs and failures with. These are the people who have been by your side throughout your journey of life. Thus, you have the confidence that your secrets will remain intact with them. Well, only your friends are the ones who can achieve that kind of trust and confidence.

Also, I believe that in case of relatives you have to maintain some sort of decorum. And in some cases, this turns into diplomacy. And this is the last thing you would want in friendships.

Now, I have an example to which most of you would relate. There are a number of Bollywood movies where good friends become relatives. They get their kids to marry each other. And in most of such movies, their friendship has to suffer. This is because trust gets replaced by decorum and eventually diplomacy.

Getting Reunited

reunited friends

Now, it is possible that some of your old friends are not traceable. Maybe you were too busy in your own life and lost touch. Maybe your friendship wasn’t really that strong. Or maybe it was too strong that grudges arose. No matter what the reason is, you still have a special place in your heart for them. So, whenever you feel that you might be able to meet them, you can easily get over-enthusiastic. I can say this, because something similar happened with me. I got a small clue from somebody that one of my classmates is working as an HOD in a particular subject in a state University. So, I went ahead and tried to locate him through Facebook. And, the moment I contacted him, I was taken back to my childhood days. And within next few days he traveled eight hundred kilometres with his family to surprise me.

Now, when all our friends and our families sit together, people might think that we are relatives. But the beauty of this bond is that we are not bound by any relationship tags, but just mere connection of soul.

And as the saying goes – “You Can Make Fifty Friends in a Year but it is Not Easy to Maintain a Friendship for Fifty Years.”

Cheers to Friendship!