Surprise Your Friend On This Friendship Day

Free-living, social calls, earnings; all have taken a beating because of Covid-19 playing havoc all across the planet. Normalcy has come to a standstill and confinement has been imposed upon each of us. Call it cruel as on the part of nature or call it a blessing in disguise because there couldn’t have been a better way for us to re-invent ourselves. Thank Heavens for this opportunity bestowed upon us to strengthen our relations and cherish our existence. This lucky occasion, provided to us to grow out of self-imposed professional asylum should be welcomed and nourished. As about this Friendship Day, surprise your friend with the best.

Go ahead, do the undone, follow your passions, and connect with your family and friends. The untoward situation of social distancing may act slightly difficult, but do not give up. Find out ways and means to fight this tough situation that we all are in, curate activities that enliven you and your loved ones. Remember, impossible is nothing; an initiative is all that is required. Our suggestion is a surprise. Just surprise your friends with some out of the box activities keeping in mind the restrictions and advisory of the administration.

Amid the COVID crisis, many have missed out on celebrating the best of moments. However, times have changed and it has become the new normalcy. So, if you are not willing to think of something else, Geek Monkey has some of the best ideas on how to surprise your friend in the lockdown period. Remember, whatever you choose for him or her, at the end of the day, it is all about what you deliver in terms of emotions. So, do not miss out on that.

Need ideas to surprise your friends? Scroll down for a few suggestions.

Give an unexpected call

It’s been a long time since you had a word with your best friend. Professional commitments kept you very busy and distanced you from social life. Grab the opportunity provided by lockdown to surprise your friend, reconnect, and rejuvenate with old and lost buddies. Just one surprise call is all that is required to bring back fond memories of childhood and growing-up years. Connect with friends and relive moments.

Send a movie link

This is for those friends who are not much aware of the entertainment world and also for those who are not much of tech-savvy. For sure, such types of people must be finding it difficult during the lockdown. Do some homework for your mate, prepare a list of movies, and send their links to him/her. This gesture of yours will not only bring joy in this lockdown but will also earn you respect and appreciation. Do make sure to list out as per your buddy’s liking.

Play online games with your friends

Just mention of a favorite game is enough to bring a smile on everyone’s face. We have all grown up playing games at school, in the neighborhood, at the clubs, and sports complexes. Lockdown has given you this opportunity to go back in time and become a kid once again. Download the latest games, bring in your friend to play with you online, and just freak out. This surprise your friend with an invitation to a game will bring back fond memories of your childhood and make you both relive your naughty era once again.

Send a gift

Bring cheer to your friend’s face, send an unexpected gift. Gifts play an integral role in everyone’s life; it brings joy and makes the recipient feel so very special and elated. Gifting will not only strengthen your relations, it will also convey your love concern for your mate. Gift anything, personalized or random, it doesn’t matter; what matters is the surprise element that is bound to thrill your buddy.

Order a sumptuous dinner

Treat your friend to a cuisine surprise. Lockdown has brought out the culinary skills of people all across. All those living with families are enjoying feasts day-in and day-out, but those who have stuck up away from their families, are to be remembered, pampered, and made comfortable in these trying times.

Order a meal for your friend from his favorite restaurant/cafe, treat him to his choice of menu along-with desserts and/or sweets. This is something that your friend could never have expected. Be assured that this will leave your friend spell-bound. Surprise your friend and just hang in there to experience their emotions.

Arrange a birthday surprise for a friend

If your friend’s birthday falls during the pandemic, organize a birthday bash at his place with his/her family/inmates. Nothing can beat a surprise on a buddy’s special day. Order your mate’s favorite cake to be delivered at midnight if possible. No surprise can be more loving and mesmerizing as this one. If not possible then create his evening full of memories for him to remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Favorite music band on call

You can add up to the excitement with your friend’s favorite band playing live on his/her birthday. Organize a live performance through video conferencing and make it the best surprising element for your buddy. Brighten up his day, liven up his evening. Make him cry in jubilation.