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Mask Acne: Skincare Tips for The Covid Era

Mask Acne: Skincare Tips for The Covid Era

The ongoing corona-virus pandemic has affected our daily lives in so many ways. While we have already adjusted with them, there are a few things that might save us from the deadly virus but may affect our skin negatively. The new normal includes a significant change that involves wearing a face mask or cover whenever stepping outside the house. And since the Covid pandemic is still at its peak in various parts of the world, some countries are suffering from scorching heat while battling this virus.

So, other than being quite uncomfortable, wearing masks for long hours during summers can also cause a number skin conditions. While one cannot neglect the significance of covering their faces while in public places during this time, one can surely take a few steps to limit the negative impact these face masks can have on your skin. But first let us know what are the number of recognised skin problems that are associated with prolonged contact to face masks:

  • pressure injury
  • contact dermatitis or eczema
  • itch or rash
  • pressure urticaria (or hives)
  • exacerbation of acne

So, how can you steer away from this skin related problems and even ensure utmost safety during the Covid era. Let us know:

DIY Face Mask

DIY face mask

If the heavy and abrasive material of the store-bought mask is hurting your skin, you can consider make your own face mask at home. With this, you can choose the kind of material that suits your skin best and also allows it to breathe a little. Mostly people prefer cotton cloth for their DIY face mask. It is advised that you should also wash your mask regularly, as it may absorb natural oils from your skin which may lead to breakouts.

So, unless you are a healthcare worker, you can wear the mask you made yourself in the public and ensure proper safety and even skincare. However, if you are an essential worker on the frontline, you should stick to your N95 or surgical masks. We respect you for your work and efforts.

Prep Well

prep well covid mask skin care

Going out to buy groceries seems like a big task these days. Well, we are going to add another element to this routine that will help you prep better. While the homemade mask will help a lot, there are still a few areas on your face that are much prone to friction or chafing. To minimise that, you can consider using an ointment, or salve to protect such sensitive areas. You can also apply petroleum jelly as an occlusive and leave it overnight. This will help in healing the affected areas.

Alter Your Skincare Routine


Now that your lifestyle has changed, your skincare routine should also be modified. Other than stress, your skin is handling a lot these days. Thus, it is important to take a little more care of your skin. One of the most important things is to ensure that your skin is well hydrated. Other than drinking good amount of water everyday and getting sound sleep, it is essential to prevent your skin from drying out through a few water-based products.

Also, be sure that the products you use are unscented or fragrance-free. Other than this, to prevent dryness, irritation, or redness, you should limit the number of times you clean your face. Twice a day is fine for people with dry or sensitive skin types. Also, ensure that you pat your face dry using a towel after cleansing your face. You should avoid rubbing your skin and even use a moisturiser afterwards that will help in retaining hydration. Moreover, if you are taking any harsh acne treatments, you should probably skip those for a while and opt for soothing skincare products instead.

Skip Makeup

skip makeup

Hot and humid microclimate created in facial areas covered by the mask is the best condition for the development for acne. So, to ensure that you do not further aggravate the situation by clogging your pores with makeup, it is advised any unnecessary products. Thus, if it is possible, skip makeup. But if not, you should particularly avoid foundations and concealer with heavy formulations and rather stick to water-based, breathable makeup. You can also consider apply lightweight makeup on the areas that will remain under the mask and go with your usual makeup for the rest of the face.

Skincare can be tricky, especially during a pandemic. And since you might have a little more time to pamper yourself these days, why not put some effort for a healthy skin! We hope that this information will help you take proper care of your skin even during the Covid era. Comment down below and let us know which ones are you going to try. Also, let us know if you have some skincare tips for us as well.