Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Geek Monkey

Celebrate love, celebrate bonding, celebrate togetherness this Raksha Bandhan. Come this auspicious festival and let warmth and affection prevail in abundance between brothers and sisters. This season, tie a knot of protection, symbolize your sentiments for your siblings, express your deepest emotions and renew your vows; a brother to protect his sister from all adversities and a sister with unconditional love for her brother till the end of times. Moreover, spread love and celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Geek Monkey this year.

Raksha Bandhan may be having its association with a particular following, but is undeniably a wonderful example and a symbol of love, spreading beyond traditions, regions, and religions. It plays an integral part in building a better society, where relationships and values flourish. In the present times, where society is urbanizing and families turning nuclear and crimes against women are on the rise, this festival of commitment and protection comes as a relief for all the women of the society; daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives.

So how are you celebrating your sibling love? What are you gifting your sister/brother this Raakhi? Still unsure or confused, don’t worry, we at Geek Monkey have an exhaustive collection for you, for the day. In the meanwhile get to know of our range, vide our shortlisted mementos as under. 

1. Veer Ji Tussi Great Ho Mug

Having a brother is a blessing in disguise and gives a feeling of security. Go back into your growing up days and recollect your childhood memories with your brother, your Veer Ji. Remember how you grew up freely when you lived freely, without fear of any sort, and blossomed under the shadow and shelter of your brother, your super-hero.

This is the day to pay back your brother for his unconditional love and support. If you are at a loss of words to tell your Veer Ji how much he means to you, don’t worry, Geek Monkey will do the talking for you with this unique ‘Veer Ji Tussi Great Ho Mug’. Express your appreciation for his presence in your life, with this ideal gift for the moment. Your cuddly love and Veer Ji MUG is enough to make him emotional.

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year with the utmost joy and preparation. Moreover, select a gift for your sister or brother from a wide array of selection, only on Geek Monkey.

2. One in a Million Mosaic Photo Frame – Customized Design

Having an opposite-gender sibling is not only a boon from God but also gives satisfaction to a complete family. The fatherly commitment of a brother and motherly concern of a sister, towards each other is difficult to define. Every minute spent with each other during formative and growing years is the moments that will always be remembered and treasured. But there will always be one or a couple of occasions which will always be very special and stand out as a favorite(s).

Geek Monkey brings to you a customized mosaic photo frame to Freeze your special moment(s), forever. Frame one or a collection of pictures in this magnificent square frame. Moreover, highlight one and accommodate up to 25-30 pictures in the background. Keep it on your desk or side-table, run-down yesteryear, and relive your childhood. This is one of the best gifts to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your sister/brother or an entire family.

3. Forever Love Charms Leather Bracelet for Brother

Sibling love knows no horizons. It is beyond comparison and comprehension. Furthermore, it does not require wealth or fortune to demonstrate, just a simple heartfelt feeling is enough to express your deepest love for your brother/sister. Speak out your heart to your brother, tie him a forever love charms leather bracelet on his wrist for him to treasure the moments on the occasion. This fashion accessory is as simple as the deepest love of a sister for a brother. This beautifully designed piece of article, draped in your abundant love will leave him mesmerized. 

Furthermore, you can make it even more exciting to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with a wide selection of dishes offered by Swiggy or Zomato.

4. Personalized Mother Nest Lamp


A mother is an epitome of love and sacrifice. Divinity and motherhood co-exist in a single soul, the giver and preserver of life called the mother. The only soul that has the capability to shoulder the responsibility of a mother with the same commitment and compassion is the sister. Sister’s love for her brother is untiring and endless. It is indeed impossible to payback a sister for her motherly concerns and affection, the least you can do is pamper her with love and Geek Monkey’s exclusive feature ‘Personalized Mother’s Nest Lamp’.

Make her feel very special, elevate her to high levels of motherhood, gift her moments of joy and cheer with this symbol of Godliness. Just pamper her whenever you can, shower your love on her and always keep her happy and cheerful. As a result, this simple yet auspicious gift idea is bound to moisten your sister’s eyes and will be a reason to be in her heart forever.