Ways to Make Your First Month Anniversary Super Special

Ways to Make Your First Month Anniversary Super Special

Love is probably one of the most special emotions of all. No matter how you run away from your feelings, you are eventually going to realise that you cannot imagine your life without that one someone special. When you are around them, everything would feel just perfect. Their smile will make you happy, their tears will make you sad, and their presence will make you feel alive. Love cannot be expressed in just mere words. No one has ever been able to describe this wonderful feeling and might never be able to. Even if you open up your heart, you would still be unable to convey your emotions perfectly.

But what truly matters is the effort. And since you have just stepped in this beautiful relationship with your loved one, you should not overlook the important of these little gestures. So, on completing one month of love, here are a few amazing ways in which you can celebrate your first month anniversary:

Tick-Off One Thing From Their Bucket List

My Bucket List - Gift Anniversary Love

By this time, you would know a lot of things about each other. Those late-night chats are the best time to tell your loved about your experiences and dreams. So, if you are able to help them tick-off one thing from their bucket-list, better do it on your first month anniversary. It can be anything like, running a marathon, bungee jumping, visiting your dream city, or experiencing a new festival in a new place. And the fact that you can make their dreams comes true is amazing. We are sure that your loved one will be delightfully surprised to get this amazing experience as a present. Other than this, you will get to traverse new roads and have new experiences with the one you love. Isn’t that great?

Cook For Each Other

Couple Cooking Kitchen. Gift Anniversary Love


As mentioned earlier, it is the little things that count. And if you wish to spend this day at leisure with your partner, you can simply cook a meal for them and surprise them. By now, you would know what kind of breakfast they like. So, be sure you go through some nice recipes and surprise your partner with a lavish and scrumptious breakfast on bed. Also, you can order some dessert to add more flavour and make their morning extra special. It does not matter if you mess up a little, after your effort is what truly matters.

Write Notes for Each Other

 Book Love Heart Gift Anniversary Love

Although you have talked to each other for hours and hours, there are still a few things that unsaid. You would have not yet expressed your feelings in the nicest manner. And your partner truly deserves to know how special they are to you. Since you may not be able to speak how you feel, you can definitely write it down. Also, love-notes exhibit a vintage vibe and are so romantic. We are sure that your partner will truly love reading how much you love them. You can also get an anniversary bouquet as a gift and throw in your hand-written note to make it extra special.

Candle-Light Dinner

Romantic couple holding hands Candle-Light Dinner

Another way to celebrate this special day is by arranging a cosy candle-lit dinner. We are sure that you would yearn for some quality time with each other. And what could be a better way than a nice and exotic dinner! You can order in some tasty dishes that you and your partner likes or your can choose a fancy restaurant that you both like and relish some amazing drinks and dishes to heart’s content. Also, this is the best time to have a nice conversation. You can tell each other how this one month has been for you and share opinions on things. You can also get a cake and bottle of wine to add extra charm to your first month anniversary.

We are sure that you will be able to spend this special day in one of the best ways possible with these amazing ideas. Also, we hope that you see many such occasions together in the years to come. And we wish that your love only increases with the passing time. Happy Anniversary to you both!