Gardening Tips and Tricks for The Summer Season

Gardening Tips and Tricks for The Summer Season

Gardening can be quite tricky, especially during the summer season. We can understand that taking care of your green friends in this scorching heat can be a little difficult. But if you have a green thumb, you would not want your plants to wither away. And we are sure that you would go an extra mile to help your plants stay healthy. So, if you want your plants to not only survive, but blossom even in this rising temperature, here are a few gardening tips and tricks that will help you:

Try Mulching

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Mulching is one of the oldest and most effective practises used by gardeners and farmers. Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil. This help plants retain water and keeps them hydrated for a much longer period of time. Other than this, mulching is used to prevent weeds from sprouting by smothering them, conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil. It is You can add up to two or three inches of mulch. However, you need to be sure that you replace the old mulch on a timely basis.

Smother Your Weeds

Smother Your Weeds Gardens

If tilling seems quite a tricky thing, you can simply get rid of weeds without even having to rip up your grass. One of the best materials for this purpose is cardboard. You can simply lay down a layer or two of cardboard in your garden. Then, cover the cardboard with mulch. Cardboard helps smother the weeds and even prevent them from getting any sunlight or water. You will be amazed to see the results. Your space will be both weed- and grass-free so that it is ready to plant.

Plant Side-by-Side

 companion planting in gardens

Companion planting is also a great practice. Planting different items adjacent to each other can help promote a healthy relationship. For instance, if you plant tomatoes and basil side-by-side, it is believed that tomatoes will get a much better flavour owing to the basil plants close to it. Another added benefit of planting basil by the side of crops like tomatoes is that flies hate the smell of it. This means, if you do your research well about certain crops, you can avail the benefit of both flavour enhancement and pest control.

Prune and Pluck at The Right Time

prune and pluck garden

Mid-to-late summer is a great time to prune and pluck your fully blossomed flowers and crops. You need to be sure that you do this when the time is right. This is extremely important as interior growth can affect nearby plants and may even cause the plant to get too much shade. This can result in poor growth of the plant, which you would definitely not want. Now, that you have picked some of the most beautiful and fresh flowers right from your garden, be sure you make the best use of them. You can create a vibrant bouquet out of it and gift to your loved one. Or may just decorate your home with it and admire its beauty.

Use Natural Pest Control

Natural Pest Control Garden

After taking proper care of your plants, the last thing you would want are bugs. These are enough to put all your efforts in vain. While there are a number of pesticides available in the market, you should go with natural and organic elements that will shoo away all the bugs and would not even damage your plants. You can easily deal with these pesky critters with the things you already have at your home. You can make your own insecticidal soap spray that will help control aphids. This can also be used treat powdery mildew, if necessary. You can even use citrus peels or citrusy essential oils as they are known to get rid of a number of pests.

Compostable Planters

Making Paper Plant Pots

If, in any case, you have a few seedlings that need planters, you can make compostable planters yourself. All you need are a few empty toilet paper rolls. You can simply cut a slit on of its end just so that it can be folded. Now, you can put in some soil. And when you are ready plant your seedling, you can open up the bottom part of the planter that will allow the roots to grow into the soil. You can then place the planter into the hole in your garden. Overtime, the cardboard of the toilet paper roll with break down. Not only this is quite easy and cheap, this is quite eco-friendly as well!

Whether you are a gardening veteran or just started it as a hobby, I am sure these tips and tricks will definitely help you a lot in perfecting your skills and giving your garden a much better and healthy look. And now that it is summertime, you can try these hacks yourself and know how much a difference these easy and simple things can make.